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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – The Fate of Atlantis: First Episode Available on April 23

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The Caligula Effect Will Release in Europe at a Later Date

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New For Nintendo!

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The Good Life Kickstarter Relaunch set for March 26

Posted by TurtleGirl On February - 8 - 2018

White Owls and G-rounding has announced it will relaunch the crowdfunding process for The Good Life via a Kickstarter campaign on March 26. Check out the full announcement below.

the good life kickstarter

The Good Life is Coming to Kickstarter!

Hello, everyone.

We are proud to announce that the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for The Good Life, the new game co-developed by White Owls Inc. and G-rounding Inc., will be launching on March 26, 2018.

In 2017, we launched a crowdfunding campaign for The Good Life on Fig, and although it raised $682,864, the project failed to reach its goal, and so the project was put on hold.

At that point, we decided to turn our temporary setback into a chance to make The Good Life better. We exhaustively analyzed and re-examined our campaign and initial plan, and made many critical adjustments.

When we restart the campaign in March 2018, we believe from the bottom of our hearts that The Good Life will be a project that satisfies you all!

We plan to post updates on the details. We hope you’ll keep cheering us on.

Thank you for your continued support!

Swery / Director and Main Writer

Hi! I’m the director, Swery. First, I’d like to apologize for not sending out any updates on The Good Life‘s crowdfunding status for such a long time.

Many fans have asked me the same question on Twitter. “Are you still working on the game?” Rest assured, I’ve never stopped working on it!

The campaign we did in September 2017 was our first crowdfunding campaign ever. We ran towards it at full speed, and swallowed the bitter medicine of the unsuccessful. We learned a great deal, and also experienced a lot of “firsts.” For starters, we didn’t prepare enough, and much of our announcement news was leaked long before the campaign got started. Despite all the trouble, we managed to make it through thanks to all the support we received from backers, followers, the media, and many people from within the game industry, as well as our own family members and friends.

I now understand just how hard it is to keep a daily information update flow going.

Now, I plan to use 120 percent of everything I’ve experienced and learned, far beyond its maximum potential, in order to make sure this campaign succeeds!

Currently, we’re working on the following six changes in order to ensure success:

1. Build Powerful Partnerships
2. Change Initial Goal Amount
3. Change Reward Content
4. Enhance the Game Design
5. Enhance the Graphical Style
6. Provide Gameplay Footage

We think they’ll all be very effective changes, and we hope this’ll make you excited! Please keep cheering us on! I love you all!

White Owls Inc.
Works: Deadly Premonition / D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die

Yukio Futatsugi / Creative Director

Hello! I’m Futatsugi, the creative director for the project.

I’m so glad that we can finally give everyone an update on The Good Life. It may have seemed like three months of silence, but we’ve been working hard on further developing our project plan every since our previous crowdfunding attempt. We listened to everyone’s reactions and opinions, and adjusted many things. I’ve also been traveling to Osaka regularly to have project meetings with Swery.

We’ve refined the project quite a bit, and I can’t wait to share the new elements with everyone. Many of our other staff members are getting really excited, asking me how else they can contribute to The Good Life project. After we finish the Kickstarter campaign, I plan to assign my G-rounding elites to the actual development.

For now, we just need to keep our proverbial foot glued to the pedal.

I can’t wait to work together with everyone again in March.

G-rounding Inc.
Yukio Futatsugi
Works: Panzer Dragoon / Phantom Dust / Crimson Dragon

Noboru Hotta / Art Director

Hello. I’m the art director, Hotta.

I’m really happy to be bringing everyone news on The Good Life. It’s been three months since our last update, but we’ve been busy. Our entire art team re-examined the art direction and style for the game and is now working on redesigning it.

Thanks to the enhancements we’ve made to the game design, we’ve also been able to work in new ideas which have helped to further evolve the art style.

I can’t wait to show everyone the brand new look of The Good Life!

This game is going to be super fun, so I hope you’re all excited.

G-rounding Inc.
Noboru Hotta
Works: Rez / Meteos / Machikoro

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