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What’s new on the Nintendo e-Shop This week?

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Crookz: The Big Heist

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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Swings to Wii U

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Battlefield 3 Armoured Kill DLC

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Kirby Star Allies

Posted by GG Goblin On March - 27 - 2018

The pink puffball is all about making friends.

Everyone’s favorite pink ball of soul-sucking cuteness makes his debut on Nintendo’s latest console, providing hours of family-friendly platforming and brawling action, all wrapped in a cosy quilt of love. In Kirby Star Allies on Switch, Kirby brings the love and is set to make some friends, no matter how they feel about him.


Once again, Kirby is set to save the world, or Dream Land, with his usual style, across a selection of beautifully imagined 2D side-scrolling levels. Most gamers will already be used to Kirby’s signature ability to float on demand, and his main skill of sucking up enemies and then taking their powers for his own, in a not at all creepy way. The largest part of the fun in a Kirby game tends to come from these different abilities that Kirby can take on, and discovering new abilities or new ways to use them. Nothing changes here in that respect, with some new enemies around to offer something different. Painter Kirby perhaps?

However, Kirby Star Allies has another little trick up its sleeve, one that is maybe given away by the title. Kirby has always been about sharing the love, and this time around he is out to make friends. A new ability that is inflicted upon Kirby when all of those around him turn evil, allows the pink puffball to recruit enemies to his cause. Any enemy that Kirby comes up against can be charmed into joining our hero and fighting along side him.

The player can have up to three allies following Kirby around and dealing with any further enemies. The AI is quite impressive, meaning that the player can take more of a back seat and leave all of the hard stuff to the allies. In fact, they can even solve some of the games’ puzzles without the player having to break into a mental sweat. Of course, it helps to have the right allies.

There is a huge selection of different enemies that can become allies for Kirby, all with different abilities and skills. They also have quite the impressive selection of moves that the player can perform with the right button presses, giving rise to an almost brawler game feeling. The reality is that the game is easy enough that most players will not need to spend all their time learning the different moves of various allies, but it is nice to have them there and shows that the developer really put the time in.


There is also an elemental aspect to the game, with the ability to imbue allies with different elements, such as fire or wind, and for the allies to imbue Kirby. It certainly keeps things fresh and gives the player options, and many of the puzzles in the game make use of these elemental abilities, so they are not just an additional mechanic to cast aside.

So, Kirby Star Allies is all about Kirby having his friends around him, which really is a trick that Nintendo couldn’t miss. Kirby is all about co-op, and up to three more players can join in by taking control of an ally each. This is where the family friendly fun takes place, and with four players all moving around the screen and unleashing different moves, it really is chaotic. Of course, this doesn’t make the game any more difficult, so players will still find Star Allies a breeze. But then, the game is aimed at the younger audience, and nothing would put kids off more than a high difficulty.

When playing with others, there is a slight problem with player one being the focus of most of the game. Player one will almost have control over the other players in that they will be dragged along with player one as they move. This is not something we have never seen before, and it doesn’t happen all of the time because occasionally the screen splits and the players can go their separate ways, but it is still frustrating when it does happen.

But it’s not too much of a big deal, and it certainly doesn’t stop Star Allies from being a great game. While a lot of time and effort have gone into creating these varied and detailed enemy/allies, it is easy to see that so much more effort has gone into how the game looks. From the vibrant rendered backgrounds, to the full cast of characters, Star Allies is polished to perfection and is absolutely beautiful.


Kirby Star Allies is not a game that will break the Kirby mold. It is exactly what you would expect from a Kirby game, complete with stealing enemy abilities, a low difficulty and gorgeous visuals. However, a few new additions and the co-op friendly gameplay does make the game an ideal introduction for younger players on the Switch. Kirby Star Allies is a solid new Kirby game that is more than welcome on the Nintendo Switch.




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