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Metal Gear Survive

Posted by GG Goblin On March - 6 - 2018

Surviving Metal Gear Survive.

It was always going to be difficult for Konami, after the very public parting of ways with Hideo Kojima, to release the next Metal Gear game. Hideo Kojima’s genius was stamped all across the previous games in the series, so any attempt to make a full sequel would have likely been a disaster. Konami obviously realised this, and so decided to offer up a spin off that took the focus away from Kojima’s famed stealth gameplay. The result is Metal Gear Survive, a title that rather obviously is all about survival.


In some ways, this was a safe bet by Konami. The survival genre seems to be quite prolific at the moment, with every other game requiring players to not die from thirst. Combining this popular genre with the Metal Gear name, and throwing in some co-operative missions to keep everything sociable, would surely be a resounding success, right?

Story is quite often a bit thin on the ground in survival games, so it may come as no surprise that despite most Metal Gear games having a deep and complex narrative, things in Metal Gear Survive are a little bit more… open to interpretation. Set after the events of Ground Zeroes, Mother Base becomes overwhelmed by wormholes that are responsible for transporting people into another, rather dismal, dimension known as Dite . The player takes on the role of some no-name soldier and takes it upon themselves to not only survive in this depressing new world, but also to find survivors and build a base. Well, it is certainly interesting.

The main problem that the player will face in this uninteresting desert landscape is the existence of Zombies. Well, I say Zombies, but they are more like some kind of walking, crystalline creatures. They remind me of something I have seen before, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Anyway, these pointy-headed beasties are quite fun in their own right, but they move like regular Zombies for the most part, so players will not have any surprises there. Sure, further down the line, the player will have to deal with some more substantial nasties, but for the early part of the game, it is just a matter of avoiding or dealing with these dumb creatures.

The game does a rather overly enthusiastic job of explaining the basics, even how the player needs that all important food and water or else they will starve or die of thirst. This is a survival game after all, and that will mean plenty of gathering resources. Some of these will go towards the player not ending up dead, but other resources will be used in the games’ crafting, enabling the player to not only become stronger and more capable of dealing with the unknown threats beyond the safety of the base, but also to build up that base into something much more substantial. Finding survivors out in the wilderness will allow the player to assign them tasks within the base, slowly building it up into a place that can be called home, sort of.


Players will have to scavenge for medical supplies to keep themselves healthy, and they will also have to find ways to penetrate the Dust which floats in the air and makes exploration of certain areas that bit more difficult. They will, however, be able to craft new and more effective weapons, if they can last long enough.

Metal Gear Survive is not an easy game, and that is largely due to what feels like an unfair imbalance, rather than any threat. Our heroic soldier that has ended up in this hellish situation struggles to go very far without getting thirsty, or hungry, or tired. The indicators of these states become almost the entire focus of the game, which generates a certain amount of repetition. Add in further repeated missions and the result is a game that becomes dull quite quickly. The co-op missions that involve up to four players defending against wave after wave of enemies add some much needed variety, but they are more of a distraction than anything else.

Despite the repetitive nature of this particular brand of survival, there is still plenty to enjoy for survival fans out there. There is a healthy amount of equipment to craft, and the game feels more comfortable once the first few hours have been slogged through. The base management side of things is nice, although the menu can feel a little stale, and there are some fun moments of tension. I am not going to mention the micro transactions, they are best forgotten.


Metal Gear Survive is a Metal Gear game in name only, and fans of the series would do best to realise that to avoid disappointment. However, take the Metal Gear name away, and what remains is a serviceable survival game. Sure, it can be repetitive, but it can also be challenging and fun. It has some nice ideas, along with some very bad ones. Overall though, it is a decent survival game for fans of the genre.




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