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FINAL FANTASY V launches on Amazon Appstore

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Serious Tweet Competition Promo Trailer

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LEGO Battles

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Toki Tori 2+

Posted by GG Goblin On March - 14 - 2018

The devilish little chick brings his own brand of torture to the Switch.

Two Tribes’ Toki Tori games have been appearing on pretty much every platform since they first appeared on the radar of puzzle game fans. This latest offering on Nintendo Switch first arrived on Wii U some five years ago, already offering a definitive version of the game. However, the developers at Two Tribes have not just been sitting on Toki Tori 2+ for the last five years, ensuring that this version of the rage-inducing puzzle game on the Switch will be the best ever.


For those who have never spent any time with the cute little chick, little hints above may well have given the impression that Toki Tori 2+ is a difficult game. Well, it is. You have been forewarned. The thing is though, early impressions may suggest otherwise.

Toki Tori 2+ is a puzzle game in which players will control an adorable little chick. The controls are seemingly straight forward, possibly even too simple. The little chick can slowly waddle around, and only has two moves with which to work through each level. One button will have the chick whistle, while another will cause the chick to pound the ground. It is quite amazing how much complexity can be packed into these two simple moves.

The first few levels are nice and easy, giving the player an idea of how their little chick skills can be used in the levels. However, it really doesn’t take long for the levels to ramp up and leave the more unstable player screaming death threats at the chick (okay, that could just be me). The levels are incredibly well thought out and have presumably been polished over the years in the various different versions of this game, to create the most dastardly yet fair challenge. Players will find that they have to use their skills in conjunction with the various friendly and aggressive creatures that are found through the levels, or the different aspects of the environment itself. Before long, the player will find themselves having to juggle many different things at the same time, such as forcing creatures to move to instigate a multi-part chain reaction, just to reach the end of a level.


Toki Tori 2+ is devilish enough that it doesn’t hold the players hand. It will not be unknown for players to simply be stuck in a level, not knowing what to do or how to proceed. Don’t be expecting any help from the game at this point, players will either have to stare at the screen until the solution becomes apparent, or head to the internet and search for the solution there. Toki Tori 2+ is not a game that will be suitable for everyone. Despite the cutesy visuals, this really is a game for those hardcore gamers who are looking for further punishment.

The game manages to pack in an impressive amount of depth. Different creatures that react in different ways to the chicks actions create more and more complex ways to complete a level, while the introduction of tunes that can be performed with the chick’s whistle further complicate things. Levels will generally have multiple actions that will need to work together to provide the solution. Warp points and shortcuts offer a small way to make things easier for the player, as does the ability to set checkpoints wherever the player chooses, reducing the amount of replaying a player needs to do when they inevitably mess up a level for the hundredth time.

It is a very pretty game, if you can look through the red haze. Each of the levels is not only fiendish, but really nice to look at, and the different creatures that go about their lives in these worlds are all strange and wonderful. However, the real star of the show is the chick itself, who is so cute that it would take a heart of stone to stay mad at the game for too long.


Toki Tori 2+ is a puzzle game that flits between being adorable and demonic with alarming speed. It is an incredibly difficult game, but one that really does give a sense of achievement when solutions are found. It is also a perfect game for Nintendo’s hybrid console, working very well in both portable mode and when on the big screen, so players can share their frustration. All in all, if you are in need of a challenge, then Toki Tori 2+ really will hit the spot, and the Switch version is the best.




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