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Nicalis has announced Blade Strangers will launch physically and digitally for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, and digitally for PC via Steam this summer for $39.99.


Blade Strangers is an online and offline brawler that features intuitive controls, high-quality visuals and stunning character animations. The game combines the excitement and subtle dynamics of a classic one-on-one fighting game with the polish and features expected from a current-gen contender.

Blade Strangers embraces a traditional and streamlined four-button control scheme that offers accessible controls that are designed to bring fresh blood to the ranks of fighting game players worldwide. For advanced players, the intricate combos, counters and special moves provide tournament-caliber competitors with endless opportunities to hone their skills.

The action in the game is highlighted by the stunning character animations, which are created using a proprietary process. 3D character models are used to render individual animation frames, which are then rasterized into sprites and manually hand-touched up by talented 2D artists to create cel-like characters and movement.

Blade Strangers will arrive feature-rich and action-packed with content at launch, complete with offline Story, Missions, Arcade and Versus modes in addition to highly competitive online modes where players can duke it out for leaderboard supremacy.



The roster in Blade Strangers includes newly-created fighters in addition to characters from previous Studio Saizensen games (like Code of Princess EX and the Umihara Kawase series), Nicalis games (like Cave Story+) and four familiar surprise guest stars yet to be announced. Thus far, the confirmed roster of playable characters in Blade Strangers includes:

Curly Brace (Cave Story+)
Solange (Code of Princess EX)
Ali (Code of Princess EX)
Liongate (Code of Princess EX)
Master T (Code of Princess EX)
Kawase (Umihara Kawase series)
Noko (Umihara Kawase series)
Emiko (Umihara Kawase series)
Lina (all-new character)
Helen (all-new character)

Key Features

Fighter roster includes characters from previous Studio Saizensen games (like Code of Princess EX and Sayonara Umihara Kawase), Nicalis games (like Cave Story+) along with other familiar and surprise entrants.
Accessible and intuitive controls designed to bring fresh blood to the ranks of fighting game players everywhere.
Play offline Story, Missions, Arcade and Versus modes or try to climb the leaderboards in the competitive Online modes.
Each character has three alternate color settings and their own familiar “home” stage for players to select.
Proprietary development system transforms 3D models and animation into 2D spritework; every frame looks like a gorgeous anime drawing come to life!

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