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Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai Remix announced For 3DS in 2015

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Far Cry 5

Posted by GG Goblin On April - 11 - 2018

I’m a dog person.

Far Cry 5 takes the player into rural America and charges them with overthrowing a religious cult. Whether they are enemies of friends, everyone and their neighbor have guns, and lots of them. It could be that Ubisoft wanted to make a statement about gun control and religious extremism in the latest entry in the Far Cry series, but if I wanted to get deep and political, I would watch a news channel. Whatever Ubisoft’s underlying message is, for me Far Cry 5 is all about the sort of fun that only a Far Cry game can provide.


Which means a massive open world, packed full of all manner of different missions for the player to take on. The story is one we have seen before, although the setting of Hope County, Montana is something new. Anyway, a religious cult led by the Seed family have been growing in power in the area, pretty much taking over the whole county. The players’ silent character is part of a woefully small team that is sent in to their central compound to arrest the leader of the culy, Jacob Seed. Of course, this all goes laughably wrong and ends up with the player running for their lives from well armed religious zealots. Before they know it, the player is alone in their quest to topple the Seed family.

But this is not something that can be approached alone as Hope County is a big place. The map is divided up into three main areas, each of which is controlled by one member of the Seed family. In order to progress in the game, players will have to raise the resistance in each of these areas by completing missions and generally causing havoc, earning resistance points which will eventually lead to a showdown with that area’s boss. Players have a massive amount of freedom in how they approach this task, including being able to approach whichever area they want once they have completed the starting island. Players can even jump from one area to another, building up resistance in each area as they see fit. There are story missions that will progress the game quicker than other, more side missions and distractions, but it really is down to the player as to what they want to do.

There is plenty to do in Hope County. Outside of the story missions, players can free up hostages being held by the cult, reclaim cult outposts or capture cult supply trucks to name but a few things that will cause trouble for the cult. There are also unusual side missions that can be picked up, such as helping a federal agent recover some evidence, or liberating an armed truck rig from cult control. Then there are the more sedate distractions. Fishing is a big deal in Far Cry 5, with a wide selection of different fish that can be caught and sold. And of course, there is hunting. Whether it be clearing out drug-addled bears to keep the local population safe, or simply hunting deer for their skins, there is a lot more to shoot than just armed cultists.


Far Cry 5 provides loads of companions to the player, so they don’t have to take on the Seed family alone. The majority of these companions are just standard locals who will fight by your side in the best way that they can, and they can be hired pretty much anywhere that the player can find friendly people. However, there are a selection of specialists that the player can unlock through certain missions. These “Guns for Hire” can bring some very welcome support, such as a sniper or even a pilot that can attack from the sky. However, as already pointed out, I am a dog person and perhaps the most interesting companion is the dog Boomer.

Found in a local Pumpkin farm, Boomer first needs to be freed from his cage. Once achieved, the player can have Boomer the super dog join them on most missions, with Boomer running at an impressive speed alongside any vehicle that the player may use, and spotting enemies, collecting goodies from bodies, and even picking a fight with whatever threat the player may face. And damn is petting Boomer isn’t the best thing in videogames.

Problem is that the AI companions are not perhaps the smartest, and I’m not just referring to the dog. I can’t count the number of times that I ran Boomer over, forcing me to leap out of my vehicle to revive the dog. One particular mission, where I was trying to trap an armoured vehicle, Boomer got hit and propelled to the bottom of a ravine, so I had to run down and rescue the dog, only to watch as my target drove past above me. It wouldn’t be so bad, but this happened repeatedly in this one particular mission.

To avoid the iffy AI, players can always invite a friend to join their game in co-op. The success obviously depends on the friend, but it does offer a viable alternative to taking a trigger happy companion on a stealth mission, or an unpredictable bear for that matter. Plus, real players will tend to get run over much less often.


The mechanics of Far Cry 5 are exactly as you would expect. The gunplay is tight and works well in the often chaotic firefights. Equally, there are plenty of options for stealth, with silenced weapons, throwing knives and an excellent bow. The weapon selection is nice, with plenty of different weapons to unlock and buy, although there is not a huge incentive to buy these weapons as those found early in the game are perfectly suitable, with a few upgrades, to work for the rest of the game. Explosives can be crafted from various stuff found through teh game, as can special potions known as Homeopathics, that will boost the players abilities.

While there are fast travel points available across the map, there are also a large number of different vehicles that can be liberated and used for traveling. All manner of cars and trucks are around, but also things like boats and jet skis, helicopters and planes. For the most part, they are all easy to control and make traveling across the map a joy, although players will likely not get far before a random cult patrol spots them and starts shooting up their latest ride, which is not ideal when you are way up in the air in a hovering helicopter.

Players can improve during their journey in Montana through an impressive number of unlockable perks. Players earn perk points through in game achievements such as catching certain fish or killing cultists with a certain weapon, rather than experience. They can then spend these points on perks that can improve their overall health, allow them to pick locks, or even carry more weapons and ammo, for example. It’s a good system as the perk points come naturally through gameplay for the most part.

With the inclusion of the Far Cry Arcade, which offers players a fairly comprehensive map editor along with a load of in-game assets from other Ubisoft games, there is a hell of a lot to do in Far Cry 5. There have been a few glitches in my games, but nothing game breaking, and the game is similar enough to previous Far Cry games that certain issues still come through, such as the whole “too much to do” issue.


However, there can be no denying that Far Cry 5 is the best Far Cry game to date, and one of the best open world games available. Ubisoft do make good open world games, and Far Cry 5 with its impressive variety and freedom, solid mechanics and sumptuous visuals is an open world that is an absolute blast to play in. The story may not be the best, or most believable, but it’s all about the fun, and Far Cry 5 has that by the truck load.




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