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Posted by GG Goblin On April - 25 - 2018

It’ll only take a minute.

There are times when sixty seconds can seem to last forever. Stuck at traffic lights, waiting for your microwave burger to cook, enduring the adverts during an episode of Game of Thrones, all of these things can seem to last an eternity. However, in the world of videogames, what can you actually do in one minute? You are going to struggle to win a race and you won’t be able to overthrow that enemy army. You can’t save the world in one minute. However, top-down open-world adventure game Minit, from Devolver Digital, gives the player just one minute at a time to explore the world and solve the puzzles. Admittedly, it is one minute after another and so on, but this is an adventure made up of small chunks. If you blink, you will miss it.


With a minimal black and white visual style, Minit players will be introduced to their nameless character, but not given much more by way of information. A little bit of wandering will see our hero come across a suspicious, but very cool looking sword. This is where everything will go wrong for the hero, as the sword is cursed and as soon as they pick it up, the sixty second countdown will become a solid part of their life.

You see, the sword will cause the character to die after sixty seconds. This could be the most short lived game ever, but upon death the character will wake up again in their safe house, able to continue exploring. It’s not all grim news though, as any abilities that the character has gained during their previous minutes of gameplay will still be available, as will any items that they may have picked up. They will also be able to find further safe houses, allowing them to respawn in different places and continue their journey.

The game really doesn’t give the player any direction, and the early few lives will simply be spent trying to work out where to go. One minute does not provide enough time to wander far, and quite quickly it becomes apparent that certain areas are blocked off without the appropriate skill. Before long though, the player will find NPCs that offer simple quests. An early example is a coffee shop owner that could do with some help taking care of some crabs. Complete the quest, go back to the NPC and get a reward which may well open up more areas to explore.


Taking care of those crabs will mean getting into a fight. The combat is simple and quick, just a press of a button to swing the sword. Given the sixty second constraints, there are no long drawn out encounters here, and the majority of the enemies that the players finds will not pose much by way of threat. This is not a game about fighting monsters, but about getting as much done in that minute as possible.

Given how often the player will start again from their safe house, the surrounding area becomes quite easy to memorise, and players will find themselves rushing to the next interesting place in the world quickly. Another button press causes the character to die and restart, meaning that players will not have to waste their time waiting for the counter to reach zero if they don’t have the time to do anything else. It becomes a game of small goals which, when they are all joined together, becomes a pretty impressive adventure.

There are a couple of types of collectibles, such as coins or extra health hearts, that will give the player an excuse to explore every inch of this well crafted world. Minit is not a long game, which is no real surprise given the subject, but there is a New Game + mode available once the game is completed, giving a good reason to head back in for at least one more run through. It can be a frustrating game at times, given the lack of direction that the player is given, but with perseverance and plenty of exploration, I can’t see many players having a problem with the game.


Minit is a simple, but very clever game. Although open world and free for the player to explore, the players’ adventure is actually well choreographed, which means that any wasted seconds are entirely down to the player. Finding all of the secrets in Minit becomes quite compelling, and the sixty second lives works way better than it should. The simplicity may turn some players away, but if you fancy a little adventure with a cool idea, Minit is worth looking at for more than sixty seconds.




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