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Guild Wars 2 Update On June 25th

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The Witch And The Hundred Knight 2

Posted by GG Goblin On April - 17 - 2018

A slightly less unlikable Witch.

In Nippon Ichi’s original game, The Witch and the Hundred Knight, there were more than a few problems, not least of which was the fact that the star Witch was absolutely obnoxious. This was back on the PS3 and, to be honest, I had pretty much cast the game out of my mind not long after finishing. However, it seems as though Nippon Ichi had not given up on their action RPG series, and so after re-releasing The Witch and the Hundred Knight for PS4, they have now got around to dropping a sequel into gamers laps. And guess what? The Witch ain’t so bad this time around.


I say that, but The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 is still a game that likes to push the boundaries of what is acceptable and tasteful. There is a lot of humour in the game, and the majority of it is quite dark, which instantly limits the audience. It may have bright and colourful visuals, and a fairy tale feel, but on more than one occasion I found myself questioning the writers. I didn’t find the game offensive, but there will be plenty out there that will, so be warned.

Anyway, the story this around is so much better, and easier to keep up with. It revolves around two sisters, Amelie and Milm. Milm has become infected with Witch Disease, so the two of them flee their village, before the village can rise up against Milm, and seek help from an organisation that specialises in treating the disease. While Milm is getting treatment, Amelie joins a group dedicated to hunting and killing Witches. However, the treatment goes wrong and Milm becomes a Witch, bringing to life her Hundred Knight doll. So far as stories go, The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 has a pretty sweet set up. The story doesn’t break boundaries as it progresses, and the building up of new characters is lacking, but it is much easier to get into than the first game, and quite compelling.


The game plays in a similar manner to other loot-based action RPGs, and players take on the role of the Hundred Knight as he does the Witches bidding. This means that the player will make their way through dungeons, fighting large swathes on enemies and picking up loads of sweet, sweet loot along the way. Anyone who played the first game will know roughly what to expect, but for those new to the game, well, expect confusion.

The problem is the sheer number of different systems that the player is confronted with. Don’t get me wrong, Hundred Knight 2 is an improvement over the first game, in that it is easier to follow and understand, but it still feels like the developers just threw a load of different mechanics at the game and left the ones that stuck. Most importantly, and most successfully in my mind, there is the weapon mechanic where the player must assign five weapons to the Hundred Knight’s weapon slots. This creates combos and the combos differ depending on which weapon is assigned where. It is a nice system which makes the player think about how they want their attacks to work. However, it does get more complicated when different enemies have different weaknesses and the player has to switch around the weapons to suit. Add to this the different set ups that the player can create, and then the hassle of having to upgrade all of the weapons they have in use, and you can imagine how much there is to keep track of.


And keeping track of things leads perfectly to GigaCalories. This is almost like the Hundred Knights energy, and it slowly depletes as the player has the Hundred Knight wandering a given area and fighting enemies. It depletes faster with damage, and for it to reduce to zero will leave the player with a pretty useless Knight. To keep it topped up, the player will have to find various items through the course of their exploration, or use a special finishing move on enemies, neither of which are particularly easy or plentiful. It’s a cool system, but it can become frustrating when it is the most important system during a boss fight and such.

There are a load of other systems in the game, things for the player to pick up along the way if they concentrate hard enough, but for the most part they just don’t feel needed. Less would have been more in the case of this sequel.

The actual moment to moment gameplay is quite enjoyable, once the player gets past the systems. Visual novel style cut scenes set the story going, while the player can have a lot of fun hacking away at the enemies. The cut scenes are very nicely finished and while there is not a huge amount of variety to the environments and enemies, they all look good. The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 is a good looking game, and the soundtrack is pretty toe-tapping as well.


The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 is yet another quirky game from Nippon Ichi. It is an improvement over the first game, but still feels like it is trying to find the right approach to the action RPG genre. There are still improvements to make, and systems to refine, but The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 is a step in the right direction, and an enjoyably strange action RPG for fans of the genre.




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