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Toki Tori (Switch)

Posted by GG Goblin On April - 13 - 2018

The little chicks first adventure.

Any Switch players who picked up Two tribes’ Toki Tori 2+ last month will already know that behind the cute and cuddly facade lies an almost evil puzzle game. The lead character may be an adorable chick, but Toki Tori 2+’s devilish difficulty is enough to reduce any experienced gamer to tears. The thing is, Toki Tori 2+ was not the first outing for the little chick, and in a fit of evil genius Two Tribes released the first title, Toki Tori, on Nintendo Switch for Easter. Makes you wonder how many chocolate Easter eggs got smashed to pieces in a fit of rage.


Players of Toki Tori 2+ on Switch might be surprised to find a substantially different game when they start up Toki Tori. The game has been around for an age, appearing on most platforms over the last 17 years or so. Toki Tori is still a puzzle game, and it still features an adorable chick as its lead character. Beyond that, things are different, but the game can still be very tricky.

Toki Tori is a flightless bird, he is just a chick after all. This presents a problem as his eggy siblings have been cast around the levels and Toki Tori needs to gather them up. So all Toki Tori can do is waddle along the levels, finding the correct route that will take him to each of the eggs to finish the level. With no flying, or even jumping, getting stuck presents a real problem.

Toki Tori is not completely hopeless though, as he has a number of tools and abilities that can be used to help navigate the self contained levels. These tools, such as the ability to build a bridge or even teleport to a limited degree, all have limited uses and the player is allowed a certain number of uses of certain tools depending on the level. It is very much a matter of working out exactly where each tool should be used in each level, and which one to use. Use the wrong tool, and you may find further down the line that you can’t complete the level. Toki Tori is a game of planning your route with precision.


It all starts quite innocently though, teasing the player into the addictive gameplay. However, the difficulty quickly ramps up and it becomes quite easy to start making mistakes. Fortunately, Two Tribes are kind to us, and have included a rewind button that can take the action back to wherever the player may have made a mistake. This is brilliant as without the rewind function, Toki Tori would have been a very frustrating game. It also means that players can try out different strategies without losing their minds.

The levels are played across a variety of different themed worlds, each giving the player something new to look at. Ten standard levels are available in each world, and then there are additional hard levels, for the truly depraved, and bonus levels, so there is quite a lot of content here.

Toki Tori looks great on the Switch. It is a visually simple game, but considering its age, it really is nice to watch on both the big screen and in handheld mode. Toki Tori veterans from other platforms may notice the lack of touchscreen controls, or that the level editor is missing, but neither of these things will reduce the fun for the newcomers. Also, this is the best way to play Toki Tori while on the move.


Once again, the little chick is determined to make our minds melt with devilish puzzles, but this time by offering the original adventure on Nintendo Switch. Toki Tori is a tough puzzle game that is certain to challenge the most hardcore Switch gamers. But it is also a lot of fun, both on the big screen and in handheld mode, and at a super low price, is deserving of a place in any Switch library.




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