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Kandagawa Jet Girls available now on PS4 and PC

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Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits

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Deadfall Adventures Cover Art and New Screenshots Revealed

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Nicalis has announced crossover puzzle fighting game, Crystal Crisis for Nintendo Switch. The new title launches this autumn. Check out the new trailer below.


Crystal Crisis Banner

An all-star cast of heroes has gathered to test their mettle in Crystal Crisis, a cute and chaotic new color-matching combat game for Nintendo Switch. Crystal Crisis is presented like a one-on-one fighting game, but instead of pressing buttons to kick and punch, players arrange falling gems into matching colors to clear them from the screen and inflict damage on their opponents. It’s the ultimate puzzle battle throw down!

Key Features


19 unique playable characters, including Quote and Curly Brace from Cave Story, Isaac from The Binding of Isaac, Atomand Black Jack from Tezuka Productions, and many more.
Quote, Curly Brace and Ballos (from Cave Story)
Isaac (from The Binding of Isaac)
Atom and Black Jack (from Tezuka Productions)
Princess Solange (from Code of Princess EX and Blade Strangers)
Aban, Tina and Jim Hawkins (from 1001 Spikes)
President Thompson and a Zombie (from The Tempura of the Dead)
Akuji (from Akuji the Demon)
Knight (from Hydra Castle Labyrinth)
Johnny Turbo (notorious TurboDuo spokesman)
The line-up also features four newly-created characters from other Nicalis games in development, three of whom are appearing for the first time anywhere in Crystal Crisis:
Helen – a noble warrior inspired by Greek mythology (also appearing in Blade Strangers)
Hunter – a whip-wielding vampire killer
Elise – a bat-winged gothic vampire girl
Ninja – a mysterious and acrobatic shinobi
Build up your “Burst” Gauge with repeated combos to unleash more powerful attacks.
Multiple single-player game modes, including Arcade, Survival Mode, Tag Team and Training Mode.
Local and online multiplayer options to play against friends, family members or challengers worldwide.
Innovative new “wrap-around” feature allows you to move falling pieces beyond the edge of the wall to reappear on the other side.
Each character has his or her own stage, musical theme, unique special attacks and voice-acted exclamations.
Optional “Colorblind Mode” makes gems easier to distinguish for players with color blindness.

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