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Posted by GG Goblin On May - 30 - 2018

Solve a murder, save the world. All in one day.

Spearhead Games presented some really nice ideas in their action RPG Stories: The Path of Destinies. While the game may have gone slightly under the radar, many of the ideas were good enough to be refined and dropped into their new game, which happens to have a much better title, Omensight. So now, players will get to solve a murder and save the world, all through replaying the same day over and over again until things work out. Groundhog Day at its finest.

omen1 (Copy)

Omensight is set in the high fantasy land of Urralia, inhabited by civilizations of anthropomorphic animals. However, it has not been a happy place for a while, and a bitter war has been raging. Things have recently taken a turn for the worse, with the murder of a key character. This murder has not only raised the tension across the land, but also awakened an evil that will, quite simply, destroy the world. This is where the player comes in, taking control of the Harbinger, a being that appears at the end of the world and tries to stop it from happening.

So, you have only one day to save the world. While the day is nicely divided into different times, the world will be destroyed by the end. There is no great rush though, as once the day and world ends, the Harbinger will be cast back into a timeless hub location and can then head back to the start of the day and continue with their quest.

omen2 (Copy)

This quest will involve trying to find out who committed the murder and set in motion the events that would bring about the end of the world, and then changing them. To facilitate this, players will find themselves joining with a few characters and going through their day, piecing together the clues as they go. As they progress, the things they learn from one character may open new paths or new areas, or even cause one of the other characters to change their actions. It is an impressive mechanic for story telling, something which Omensight does really well.

However, it does also mean that there is a certain amount of repetition. Omensight only has a small handful of locations. While there is the ability to open new paths in these locations and find different things out, the player will still be spending a lot of time going through the same things over and over again, which can obviously be off putting for some gamers. That being said, there was a certain familiarity that developed over the course of the game, which actually allows the player to concentrate more on the story and clues.

It is the narrative that is the real highlight of Omensight. As in all good murder mysteries, even those featuring anthropomorphic animals, there are lots of twists and turns as the player delves into the days of the key characters, and gets insight into their pasts. The story can become a little complex, but is incredibly compelling. This is aided by the characters of the game who grow and become much more complex through the course of the game and their backstories. It is very good storytelling.

omen3 (Copy)

Being an action RPG, it is not all about the story and different paths in Omensight. At the end of the day, when the player is cast back into their timeless hub location, the player is able to indulge in all manner of upgrades and purchases, as befits an RPG. We are talking new unlockable abilities, such as the chance to slow time, or simple upgrades that will make the Harbinger more capable, or even the improvement of the companions. There is nothing really new here, and it all works well without getting too complicated.

The action comes from the ample amount of combat that the player will face. Players of Stories will recognise the system straight away and feel at home with the relatively simple combos and dodges that are activated with a few quick button presses. The combat is fast moving and fluid, and the unlocking of more powerful and complex moves later in the game add the variety to keep the combat fresh. While button mashing will generally do the job, especially early on, as the encounters become more tricky, a certain amount of skill is useful. Health is regained by finding fruit and button mashing players may find themselves struggling to fully replenish between encounters unless they are more careful.

omen4 (Copy)

Omensight, much like Spearhead Games’ previous title, has some great ideas. While the combat and RPG mechanics may be nothing special, the story is very well done and revisiting locations to open different paths and events works despite the limited locations. The actual investigation side of things may not be as involved as expected from a murder mystery, but each revelation is worthwhile and moves the game forward. An improvement over Stories, Omensight is a compelling action RPG that is worth checking out. Solve the murder, save the world.




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