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Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Gets December 16th Release Date

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The Streets Of Hope

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Magic 2014 Deck Pack 3 Now Available on Android, iOS, PSN, Steam and XBLA

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The Sims 3: Showtime

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PQube, LookAtMyGame and developer Wonderboy Bobi has announced new title, Aggelos, a new, retro-styled 2D action-adventure is out now on PC and coming to consoles later this year. Take a hop, skip and jump to check out the trailer below.


Step through time and discover a mesmerizing new action-RPG that looks like it was plucked straight out of the 16-bit era but plays like a modern-day marvel. Inspired by non-linear Japanese retro adventures such as Wonder Boy In Monster World, Aggelos hurls players into the middle of a colossal struggle for survival as beings from another dimension threaten to invade the peaceful Kingdom of Lumen.

Bursting with secrets and side-quests, and boasting slick melee combat that any 2D action game would envy, Aggelos is the perfect combination of retro style and modern-day game design.

A vast kingdom to explore
Venture through forests, seas, cave systems and ancient temples as you seek to uncover the magical elements needed to save the world from total annihilation.

A classical non-linear adventure

Explore a sprawling world that gradually reveals itself, Metroidvania-style, as you gain new abilities and equipment.

Deadly encounters
Thwart towering bosses and their tricky minions as you take on perilous mainline quests and optional odd-jobs for the people of Lumen.

Tactical depth
Unlock magical abilities and high-level attacks, expertly chaining these immense powers together to clear screens of enemies in seconds.

Stunning sprite art

Forget out-of-place modern art: Aggelos boasts superlative character designs and animations while remaining proudly, and faithfully, 16-bit through and through.

Memorable chiptunes
Lose yourself to a retro-inspired soundtrack that floods the Kingdom of Lumen with life.

Aggelos is out now on PC via Steam for £11.39/€12.49/$14.99

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