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Fallen Legion: Rise To Glory

Posted by GG Goblin On June - 29 - 2018

Princess or General?

The Nintendo Switch is quickly becoming known for being a port machine as more and more previously released titles find themselves making their way onto Nintendo’s hybrid console. It’s not a bad thing as it means that the Switch library is growing at an impressive rate, and that more and more players are able to experience games that they may never have had the chance to before. Occasionally though, a port comes along that offers something a little bit more than just a straight forward conversion of a game onto a new platform, and these can be really worth getting excited about. Take YummyYummyTummy’s JRPG Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory for example. This was previously released as two separate games and now lucky Switch owners get both games bundled into one. Happy Switch days!

flrtg1 (Copy)

Starting out as Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire and Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion, Rise to Glory offers the player two different storylines within the same fantasy world and revolving around the same situation. The Emperor is dead, players choose who they want to try and rule.

So, the player gets to choose from two main characters, each with their own storyline of sorts. Princess Cecille, daughter of the Emperor, has the burden of ruling thrust upon her, but is not especially enthusiastic about it. On the other hand, top general Legatus Laendur chooses to take over rule out of duty to the Empire, and perhaps a little bit of revenge.

Thing is, the Fenumian Empire is already struggling, and the death of the generally disliked Emperor has caused yet more problems. Whichever character the player chooses to take, the road to ruling will be one filled with trouble. Cecille is entitled to rule and inherits a magical grimoire that the Emperor had used during his rule. Laendur has the problem of his own home having been conquered by the Emperor years before, but also doesn’t trust the magic of the grimoire to lead the user in the right direction, despite the fact that he ends up using that magic himself.

flrtg2 (Copy)

Whichever character the player takes, they will find themselves in a very detailed fantasy world, one that is perhaps a little too detailed. Much like Game of Thrones, there are a lot of secondary characters to keep track of, and quite a lot of political intrigue to take in. The main characters are nicely detailed and have a depth that sees them evolve through the journey ahead. However, pretty much everyone else in the game fails to get any form of progression, making it very difficult to invest in secondary characters and then more of a struggle to follow the story. It’s a good story, just requires work to follow and understand.

Gameplay involves pretty much moving from one encounter to another, interspersed with chunks of the story which are presented nicely. It has to be said that the visuals in Rise to Glory are very pretty, with an almost hand painted look to both the backdrops and the sprites. To look at, Rise to Glory could be mistaken for a side scrolling action game, with combat encounters presented from a side view. It certainly makes for a different look for a JRPG, but one that looks great and will stick in the mind.

The grimoire, no matter which character the player takes, is responsible for the combat premise. The player is able to use this magic to summon Exemplar’s, fallen heroes, to do battle for them. So, each encounter will involve the player’s character standing at the back, with three Exemplar’s doing all of the hard work in front. There is a certain amount of strategy in choosing which heroes and where to place them, with the tougher fighters generally best at the front to soak up the damage and protect the weaker heroes. With the main character at the back, it goes without saying that losing all three Exemplars in battle will more than likely lead to the character being attacked, which will inevitably lead to a previous checkpoint.

flrtg3 (Copy)

So, each of the Exemplar’s are assigned their own face button, and the player can press the buttons to make them attack. This goes on, building up a combo and damage multiplier. Each character has a special ability that is activated under certain conditions. If the attacks pause, or if an enemy attacks, the combo is broken and returns to the beginning. There is a guard button that allows the Exemplars to black an attack and, if timed right, can reflect the attack. Getting this timed properly can be quite difficult, especially when the player cannot see the attacking character. The main character at the back also has an assigned button and can join in with an attack, or a dose of healing.

The combat is a bit quirky and while players will be able to get away with simply button-mashing for a while, before long they will start to struggle without a full understanding. Progression will lead to the player finding gems that can offer more options in combat, and the Exemplars themselves can improve over time, including changing up their abilities.

The other side of the game comes from the events that break up the battles. These are things that are going on in the world that the player has to make choices about, and are presented with three cards offering three different decisions. Each decision will offer rewards of some sort for the following battles. However, they can also have a long term effect on things like morale, so choosing the best outcome for upcoming battles may not always be the best decision in the long term. It is not always apparent what the long term effects will be either, and choices made in the early game may come back later to bite the player. It’s a nice little system that adds some thought to the game.

flrtg4 (Copy)

Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory is not your average JRPG. The story is quite deep, but can be difficult to follow, and the combat is action-packed but not that easy to understand. But the game does look stunning, and is certainly interesting. There are a few performance problems on the Switch, but nothing that I found game breaking. Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory takes effort to get the most out of, but is certainly worth trying for fans of the slightly unusual JRPG.




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