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Hitman: Definitive Edition

Posted by GG Goblin On June - 1 - 2018

Agent 47, completely.

When IO Interactive announced their latest Hitman game a couple of years ago, players were left unsure of what to expect. In a massive change to all of the previous Hitman titles, this latest entry would be presented in an episodic manner, drip feeding the player with new a new level and location every month. No one was sure how this would work, or if it would be enough to satiate the Agent 47 wannabes out there.

hitmandef1 (Copy)

With the launch of the first episode, which included a prologue, it quickly became apparent that there was no need to worry. What IO Interactive had done was create the ultimate assassin’s playground, giving players the ultimate freedom to approach whatever objective they had in any way they saw fit. It really is a thing of contract murder joy.

The season started with a fashion show in a Parisian museum, and it was there that these singular levels that would be released each month really started to show their scope. The location is huge, and absolutely packed with things to see. Hundreds of NPCs are wandering throughout the museum, from the stylishly dressed guests, to the staff and security. Finding a singular target in an area this large was going to be a trick in itself.

hitmandef2 (Copy)

But then players would have the choice of how to take out their target, with a plethora of different methods available from the get go. From poisoning to shooting, making it appear as an accident or just leaving bloody corpses in their wake, the player had ultimate freedom. Much of that freedom came from the ability to disguise Agent 47, giving him access to areas that would otherwise have been off limits. There will always be NPCs that can see Agent 47 as not belonging in an area, but IO Interactive don’t want to make it too easy, do they?

But still, one target in one area each month seems a little cheap, even if there is ultimate replayability in finding different routes and different methods of assassination, along with newly unlocked weapons or disguises. As I said though, this is an assassin’s playground, so there is plenty more to come. The community gets to play their hand by offering up contracts to assassinate a particular NPC, most often in a particular manner. These community contracts are plentiful and will play to the puzzle aspect of the game, giving plenty to challenge the player. Then there were Escalation missions, in which each contract would get gradually more convoluted and, quite often, strange. Then there were the highly prized Elusive Targets, high value contracts that only stayed around for a limited real-world time and could only be attempted once. With all of that, the game opened up.

And then each month, a new level was added, complete with a new location and a host of new opportunities. Sapienza takes the player to an Italian town, and then the player headed off to Marrakesh. A hotel in Thailand, a militia training camp in Colorado and a Japanese hospital resort wrapped up season one of Hitman, with each location offering a visual spectacle and infinite chances for the player to stretch their assassination muscles.

hitmandef3 (Copy)

But damn if the fun just kept on coming. Bonus missions were added, and the Game of the Year edition of the game included yet more additional missions. The Elusive Targets just keep on popping up, offering further challenge to players, and there was a whole host of additional disguises, such as the somewhat creepy clown suit, that Agent 47 could unlock. The amount of content is quite amazing.

But now, more than a year after the original season one wrapped up, IO Interactive have released the Hitman: Definitive Edition. Partly, I imagine, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of IO Interactive, and partly to tempt yet more players to shave their heads and get a barcode tattoo, the Definitive Edition packs in all of the content previously made available, with the obvious exclusion of the Elusive Targets that have already passed (only one chance, remember). IO Interactive have even sweetened the pot with three new outfits for Agent 47 based on Freedom Fighters, Kane & Lynch and Mini Ninjas. Yeah, I’ll let you think about that for a minute.

There is no denying that Hitman is a fabulous game, and the amount of content included in the Definitive Edition will keep any amateur assassin busy for far more than 100 hours. The big problem is that any one interested in the game will have likely already played it. Those who invested in Season One will get some new content here, but for those who picked up the Game of the Year Edition, the Definitive Edition will hold no appeal. The target audience for this version of the game is very limited, despite it being the best.

hitmandef4 (Copy)

Hitman really is the ultimate assassin’s playground, and easily the best game in the series. The new format paid off for IO Interactive, even though having to wait for new episodes was a pain. This Definitive Edition is by far the best way to start your assassin career, but will hold limited interest to any Agent 47s that have already picked up previous content. Still, for new assassins, Hitman: Definitive Edition is the best version of an amazing game. If Agent 47 isn’t in your life, pick this up and invite him in.




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