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Moving Out

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Memories Of Mars

Posted by GG Goblin On June - 19 - 2018

Spend some time on Mars in this open-world survival game.

It seems that I have been spending so much time on Mars just recently that I should be reclassified as a Martian. I must admit that I am becoming quite fond of the red sand, so taking one more trip to the red planet for Limbic Entertainment’s open-world survival game Memories of Mars, which is currently available on Steam Early Access, shouldn’t be too painful, should it?

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The open-world survival genre is quite prolific at the moment, with pretty much all tastes covered, from dinosaurs to high fantasy. However, there is one constant across the genre, no matter what the setting, and that is that players begin with pretty much nothing. Being dumped on an inhospitable and fairly barren planet, Memories of Mars tests that survival instinct right out of the gate.

Memories of Mars is set on a Mars of the future that was, until recently, a bustling mining colony. There is not a lot of information about what happened, but now the planet is pretty much deserted, aside from the occasional weird worm things, robot spiders and other players. The player is given control of a recently created/woken up clone and challenged to simply survive. To help with this, the player is given a suit to provide the necessary oxygen, and a portable 3D printer. Anything else that the player needs, they will have to work out for themselves.

Players will have to monitor their food/water and oxygen levels. The planet has a lot of wide open spaces, but there is evidence of the previous settlements with small clusters of industrial-looking buildings and machinery. Large pipes can generally be found throughout the environment which can be accessed at certain places to fill up on oxygen, as that seems to be the most important resource. It runs down quite quickly, so filling up whenever possible is a good idea.

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When it comes to the crafting, it is all down to the 3D printer. Players will have to gather resources from the environment in order to make the things they need, which is nothing new for this type of game. Where Memories of Mars changes from the norm is in that the player will have to learn the skill in order to make most items, and this will require a further resource known as FLOPS. I am not entirely sure what FLOPS are, but players can get hold of them by defeating enemies or taking part in the occasional community event. These can then be spent in the various small skill trees to unlock new recipes.

The way the game is set up, it really does become quite a grind. Spend some FLOPS on a skill that allows more advanced mining in order to build the tool for advanced mining, in order to collect the resources to build something more advanced, that you first have to buy the skill for. Yeah, it can really drag on, especially if the player wants to get into the whole idea of base building, which will take a huge amount of resources and then will require upkeep.

Obviously this is where the game is better when played with friends. But, unless you take a bunch of buddies into the game with you, finding friendly players may be a struggle. Players craft their own weapons and, in a PvP environment such as Memories of Mars, most players will not need much of an excuse to use them.

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On my first play through of the game, I spent more than an hour and a half wandering around, exploring and crafting, or finding, the equipment that I needed to progress. In that time, I didn’t see a single other player. But then I cam across someone in a new settlement I was exploring. We both looked at each other, guns in our hands, before walking our separate ways. Then, as one of the events began, I ran through a doorway and got shot in the back. I don’t know if it was the same player I had seen earlier, but for me that was the end of the game.

Memories of Mars is already a fairly functional game, but there needs to be a lot more work during the early access phase for it to be successful. Of course, that is how early access games work, and I have no doubt that by the time Memories of Mars launches, it will be a very different game to how it is now. Aside from the obvious polishing of the systems, the developers will need to provide more PvE content for the players who don’t want to deal with trigger happy clones. FLOPS, which are so integral to progression, need to be easier to come by as the grinding is just too much as the moment.

The developers are very active with Memories of Mars, updating on a regular basis and constantly improving the game. They also seem to be listening to what the players want, which provides great promise for the game in the future. As always with early access games, it is early days. But right now, Memories of Mars is an atmospheric game with a great setting that needs to give players more direction and more to do. It has the potential to be the next big survival game, but whether it lives up to that potential, only time will tell.

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If you are interested in trying your hand at Martian survival and want to help Limbic Entertainment make a great open-world survival game on the red planet, head over to Steam and get in on the action right now.


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