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Rainbow Skies

Posted by GG Goblin On June - 28 - 2018

The sequel to Rainbow Moon.

Fans of the RPG Rainbow Moon have been left wanting for far too long. But now, after six years of waiting, SideQuest Studios has finally released the sequel, Rainbow Skies. While it may not be the biggest name in turn-based strategic RPGs, both genre fans and newcomers will be able to find something to like in this Cross-Buy and Cross-Save title on PS4 and Vita.


It all starts with Damion, a monster tamer in training who happens to live on a floating island. Through a series of unfortunate events (some of which may have been self inflicted) and a dire final exam, Damion and his friend Layne, find themselves falling down to the ground and below and becoming bound with an amateur spell caster. What starts out as a simple quest to find a way out of this predicament, soon spirals into something far more complex. Well, it’s not the most original story, but it is actually quite enjoyable, and the characters are quite lively and easy to follow. There is a fair amount of humour in the game, and while some of it may be a touch on the cheesy side, it’s pretty harmless and fun.

The world in which Rainbow Skies is set is pretty big and absolutely begs to be explored. There is a wonderful openness to the world that is rarely found in games of this genre, and it is very easy to wander away from the beaten path, or the next mission, to simply see where a path leads. The best thing is that nine times out of ten, this random wandering will lead to something else to do, be it a whole new activity or an extra side quest.

Of course, all of this exploring would not be so much fun if the game didn’t look good. Luckily, there are no such problems in Rainbow Skies. There is an incredible amount of colour used in the game, with both environments and characters popping from the screen. There is a lot to look at in the game, with an impressive amount of detail. In fact, it could be said that there is maybe a little too much to look at. The screen can become quite busy at times, which can be a bit of an issue with all of the colour used. Over all though, the game looks great, and has some especially interesting monster designs that I enjoyed seeing.


When the player runs into a monster in the game, things switch over to an isometric grid and turn-based battle commences between the monsters and whoever Damion has in his current team. Damion will start out with only a couple of friends as allies for combat, but fairly soon the player will be able to expand his team and add more options through taming monsters and have them fight at his side. It is a system that we have seen before, but there are plenty of different monsters to tame, and they can come with interesting new abilities that allow the player to tailor their ideal team.

Anyway, the player will move around the gird in combat, and then attack the enemies. The combat in Rainbow Skies is much simpler than most games of this genre, making it far more suitable to those gamers who are new to the genre. There is still plenty of strategy to be had, mostly in positioning characters to do the most damage and take the least. There are all of the usual ranged attacks, spells, and items to be used in combat, and as the game progresses, the player will be given more choices, but it is all very easy to understand. As an added bonus for those playing Rainbow Skies on the Vita, the battles tend to be quite short, making it ideal for mobile play.

Progression through the game will give rise to plenty of options for customisation and making the team members stronger. Tamed monsters can be improved and given equipment, and there are skills for the characters to learn. Interestingly, skills and weapons will level up as well through use, which makes for a very dynamic improvement system with plenty to keep an eye on. There are skill stones to boost stats, and even a crafting system to add further options. With all of these options, there are plenty of ways to tweak a team to whatever play style suits the player.

With this massive world to explore, players will find plenty of different things to do as they explore. The main story quest and plentiful side quests will take up a massive amount of time, but if you add in the various other distractions such as fishing, treasure hunting or dungeon exploring, Rainbow Skies will carry on over a hundred hours, making it very good value for money. And with Cross-Buy and Cross-Save, it need never stop when leaving the house.


Rainbow Skies may not be the most modern looking game, with a distinct retro style. It is also less strategic than most games in the genre, and so may struggle to interest the hardcore fans. But there is something undeniably exciting about the game. There is so much content here, and it is very easy to get into and play. Also, the game has a charm that is irresistible. For retro fans and newcomers to the SRPG genre, Rainbow Skies promises value for money hundreds of hours of enjoyment.




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