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Sushi Striker: The Way Of Sushido

Posted by GG Goblin On June - 25 - 2018

Plate-flinging, sushi-eating puzzle fun.

Thing is, I don’t like Sushi. Admittedly, the Sushi that I tried in the past was not of the highest quality, but it only took that experience to turn me away from trying Sushi again. It may well be that, in the right circumstances, I could come to love the food. But right now, I think I’ll pass.

ss1 (Copy)

Fortunately, no one has invented a videogame yet in which players have to taste the in-game delicacies, so I was perfectly happy to play Nintendo’s Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido on the Switch. Sushi Striker is a matching-type puzzle game which involves Sushi, and throwing plates. Oh, and there are Pokemon-type creatures involved as well, just to add to the confusion.

Never before has the description “quirky Japanese videogame” been more appropriate. Right from the very beginning, with a super upbeat theme song and some high quality anime-style presentation, it becomes very apparent that players are going to be treated to a highly polished puzzling treat. It’s bright, colourful and screams fun from the offset.

The great news is that this is a puzzle game with a story. Don’t get me wrong, the story is just as bizarre as the rest of the game. But still, it is nice to have some cohesion between the various levels. And it’s not a bad little tale, as long as you enjoy the Japanese quirkiness. Basically, the game is set in a world where eating Sushi is outlawed (which I am perfectly fine with). However, it turns out that there is an underground rebellion dedicated to bringing the joys of Sushi to the masses. Players take on the role of young Musashi, who can be male or female at the players choosing, who happens to meet up with one such rebel called Franklin and is introduced to the wonders of Sushi. Soon after, Franklin is arrested (for Sushi crimes), leaving Musashi to seek out the other Sushi rebels and take down the Empire.

Were it not for the excellent presentation in Sushi Striker, this story would be glossed over as a poor attempt to tie the game together. But the anime-style visuals and sheer amount of character in the game make the story a key component, pulling the player in almost like a full anime show which just happens to have some videogame puzzles thrown in. It’s all just so enthusiastic.

Great story, great presentation, but what about the Sushi gameplay? Well, it’s quite simple really. Players face off against an opponent across a bunch of Sushi conveyor belts filled with different coloured plates of Sushi, and must match the colours of the plates in order to create a stack of empty plates which they can then throw at their opponent. Perfectly civilised.

ss2 (Copy)

Of course, it is not that simple. But Sushi Striker does do a great job of introducing new features at a steady pace, so as not to overwhelm the player. So you build a stack of empty plates and then hurl them at the opponent in order to do damage. But then there are a whole load of other things to take into account, both for the player and their opponent, including combos, items and abilities that can quickly change the direction a battle is going.

One of these other factors that the player will learn about and discover how to use, are the Sushi Sprites. These little creatures are like some kind of Sushi powered Pokemon, and there are quite a number of them to find in the game. Eventually, the player will be able to take a few of these creatures into battle with them, and each one brings with it some kind of ability such as shielding the player from damage, or causing more damage to the opponent. They really are quite strange, but bring some seriously game changing skills to the player.

The player will gain experience as they complete the huge number of battles in the story mode, and as they level up they will become more powerful and tougher. Also, the Sushi Sprites will grow stronger as they are used in battle, which will lead to even better abilities, along with better Sushi coming out on the belts. When it comes down to it, with the choices about when to fling the plates or use abilities, Sushi Striker can become quite tactical for those looking to a deeper experience. There will always be a certain amount of luck involved in a game like this, but skill will also be needed as the opponents get tougher.

As already mentioned, the single player game is quite meaty. With each bout given a star score and a rating, the obsessed gamers out there will have plenty of reason to replay levels again and again to get that perfect score, but there is a certain amount of grinding levels for even the less obsessive players. For those who prefer to play with others, there are plenty of options in the multiplayer game, made more interesting by the use of different Sushi Sprites.

Playing the game on the Switch, both the Joy-Cons and the touchscreen can be used to control the action. Neither method feels as precise as the stylus would likely be in the 3DS version of the game, but both control systems work as well as they can. Of the two, I found the Joy-Cons avoided blocking the screen, but some may find the touchscreen a little more direct.

ss3 (Copy)

Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido is a hilarious, fast-paced puzzle game that is brimming with character. It won’t suit everyone, and to be honest it is a bit pricey on Switch. However, if you need a decent puzzle game, fancy some fun and have a passion for Sushi, Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido is a surprising recommendation.




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