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Endless Legend & Endless Space 2 Getting DLC Next Week

Posted by GG Goblin On July - 27 - 2018

Amplitude Studios are treating Endless players on August 2nd with the Inferno DLC for Endless Legend and the Supremacy DLC for Endless Space 2. Each DLC pack is now available to pre-order on Steam with a 10% discount (£9.89) or push the boat out and pre-order both DLCs with a 20% discount (£17.58).

Endless Leegend: Inferno DLC

The Kapaku
Adorable as these tiny creatures may seem at first glance, they are a hardy and crafty new faction of tinkers and inventors who rely on powerful golems to do their heavy lifting (couldn’t we all use one of those?). Forced to leave their volcanic home planet, they have landed on Auriga with the firm intention of creating a paradise of ash and fire…

Lava Biome
The lava terrain is far from being a good place to get groceries, but what it lacks in food, it makes up for in industry, science, dust, and new volcanic anomalies. This new terrain is native to the Kapuku, and they gain strong buffs from settling there.

Dust Eclipses
In these new events, you’ll notice the skies darken and the atmosphere become thick with Dust. Now, in normal conditions, this would be a pain, but Auriga is special, and these Dust infusions will create short-lived “Dust Confluxes” all over the map, bestowing a temporary boon to whichever army reaches them first!


Endless Space 2: Supremacy DLC

The Hissho – New Major Faction
You may remember the Hissho from the first Endless Space as a warlike faction focused on expansion and crushing their foes. They’re now back in Endless Space 2, ready to kick ass and take names! Their main feature is Keii, or honor, which is replenished through combat and powers special abilities that can boost your systems or fleets. The Hissho also include 4 new heroes focused on warfare and space battle. Space is about to get a little bit rowdier!
The Hissho also include a minor faction, the Illo, machines hell-bent on eliminating species unlikely to survive. Darwin Awards here they come!

The Behemoths – New Ship Type (All Factions)
Ever wished for a gigantic ship that was customizable to your specific purposes? Wish no more! These gigantic ships are remnants of the mysterious Endless era, providing significant economic or scientific boosts, and can be customized into “Obliterator”, “Juggernaut”, and “Citadel” specializations. The Hissho start the game with one they’ve just awoken, and the rest of the players can catch up through a cooperative quest.



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