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The Sims 4: Seasons

Posted by GG Goblin On July - 9 - 2018

We have joy, we have fun, we have seasons in The Sims 4.

There has been a clamouring from Sims fans for the last four years, ever since the launch of The Sims 4. If you listen carefully, you can hear the chant on the breeze. “We want rain!”, “we want uncomfortable sun!”, “we want weather-related ways for our Sims to die horribly!”, “we want seasons!”. Well, here it is…

s4s1 (Copy)

The Seasons expansion was one of the most popular expansions in the previous version of The Sims, and has been the most highly anticipated addition to The Sims 4. As with all of the expansion packs for The Sims 4, there is a whole host of new stuff added to the game, and the Seasons expansion is no different. While it is a little disappointing that no new town has been added with this expansion, the changes made are far reaching and even go so far as to add a little more individuality to the different towns that are already available.

This is thanks to the titular season mechanic. Straight off the bat, players are able to choose which season they want to start in and then the days will pass and the seasons will change. Dig into the options and players will be able to adjust the length of seasons, allowing them to enjoy their favourite for longer if they so choose. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter each bring their own weather and changes to the surroundings, and it is all done very well, seamlessly moving from one to another.

s4s2 (Copy)

With different weather comes different challenges for Sims, and different solutions to discover. For example, extreme hot and cold weather can be hazardous to a Sim, and so the game offers the chance to change into specific hot or cold weather clothing, and making sure your Sim has an umbrella with them will keep that feeling of dampness away. Of course, there is also the joy of making snow angels, jumping in puddles and having water balloon fights to look forward to.

Speaking of things to look forward to, The Sims 4 now has a calendar thanks to Seasons. This clearly marks event days that the Sims can enjoy, such as Winterfest or Love Day, along with birthdays and the passing of the seasons. But if these run of the mill celebrations are not to your Sims’ taste, players are even able to create their own event days, along with special celebrations, and mark them on the calendar. These special event days will bring the chance to decorate and celebrate, and maybe a visit from a jolly festive fellow on a certain day, all of which will have the possibility of changing your Sims’ mood or even tweaking them in other ways. With the way the weather can affect a Sims’ mood, there is a lot more variety to Sims now, making them seem more realistic than ever.

Where would an expansion be without a new career path for Sims to work on? In Seasons, the gardening side of things has been tweaked and made more accessible, and so it makes sense to offer green-fingered Sims a career that works with their skills. Sims can follow this career path, which then splits off into either becoming a Florist or Botanist. There is even a flower arranging skill and a special flower arranging table for those who are so inclined.

s4s3 (Copy)

As always, there are loads of new furnishings and clothes and the like for players to add to their collection. But there are a couple of items of note. Firstly, we have beehives which Sims can buy and look after. These generate honey, which can be sold for cold, hard Simoleons. However, they also add a boost to any nearby flowers, making them the gardeners best friend. Or second best friend as the scarecrow is surely every gardeners most valuable companion. This is especially true in Seasons as, with a bit of encouragement, the scarecrow can come to life and help out with the gardening. Nice.

As would be expected, Seasons manages to integrate itself with the other expansion packs quite nicely. Thankfully, pets won’t suffer the same weather related fate as Sims do, so animal lovers can rest assured that spot the dog is safe going for a walk in a lightning storm. All of that new gardening raises the possibility of running a rather nice little flower shop, should the entrepreneurial bug bite. It’s also good to know that heading to Geekcon during the rains of Spring will be a particularly miserable, soggy affair for nerdy Sims as none of the electronics actually work in the rain. Go figure.

s4s4 (Copy)

The Sims 4 is The Sims 4 and while some may lament the changes that were made when moving on from The Sims 3, there seems to be no stopping the Sim train any time soon. The Seasons expansion is not going to make massive changes to how the game is played, and will not convince any former Sims fans to return. However, for those who love watching their little Sims go about their daily lives, those lives have just got more interesting. The weather changes are mesmerising, as are the different little ways that Sims react to these changes. The events are great, and gardening just got a whole lot better. While it may be lighter on content than I would have hoped, The Sims 4: Seasons is one of the best expansions so far, and an essential purchase for anyone who spends their spare time terrorising little people.




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