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War Tech Fighters

Posted by GG Goblin On July - 30 - 2018

WTF, as in War Tech Fighters, not Where’s The Frog.

Okay, get the WTF jokes out of your system now. Better? Good. War Tech Fighters, otherwise known as WTF, is a mech action game from Drakkar Dev. After spending nearly a year in Steam Early Access, the game finally launched proper on Steam just last week. Like a combination of Gundam and Pacific Rim, does the final WTF product fulfil all of those long-dormant mech piloting fantasies?

wtf1 (Copy)

Given the popularity of Mechs in general, and games like Zone of Enders, it is quite surprising that there are not more Mech-based action games. Still, fans of the genre will be happy to know that Drakkar Dev are providing them with the chance to kick giant metallic butt in War Tech Fighters, and they will not be disappointed.

The story, if anyone really cares, involves the player taking on the role of a pilot for the rebel forces that are taking down the evil Zatros Empire. It’s nothing really special, but then I very much doubt anyone is looking at the game for it’s deep narrative. War Tech Fighters is all about the action, and for that We go into space.

Players have a choice of different War Tech to take into battle, but the initial choice doesn’t really matter that much as the game is packed with customisation options, allowing the player to tweak their mech to suit their play style. With the action going up into space, players will find themselves facing off across various different missions against all manner of different space ships, from the small and irritating, to the large and intimidating, and even other War Techs.

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The War Tech comes armed with various ranged weaponry of the light and heavy variety, and even a few missiles which can target either individual opponents or a whole group. The weapons are powered by energy that is replenished fairly quickly, which is incredibly handy considering how many enemies the player will be facing off against at times. When the action comes, it comes thick and fast.

But War Tech Fighters takes the game beyond a simple ranged Mech shooter. The War Techs are also armed with a sword and shield, allowing for some up close and personal destruction when the enemies are close enough. Add to this special execution moves that will trigger an animation and benefit the player, and there are plenty of different ways to take down the enemy.

The developers have put a lot of thought into the control systems, which take a little bit of practice to get used to, but are far more accessible than you would expect considering you are controlling a giant Mech, in space, with a variety of different weapons to use. Remapping of controller buttons was recently added as well, giving players plenty of choice in how they control their Mech.

wtf3 (Copy)

When it comes to the missions, expect the usual sort of thing, such as destroying something, finding something or escorting something. For the most part, they play quite nicely and decent check pointing means that failure doesn’t set the player back too far. There are the occasional missions that feel a little more vague in their objectives, but it’s no big deal. Outside of the main missions, which can be replayed for more money or experience, there are challenges to take on and survival missions to… survive. There are also collectibles, such as special projects that can lead to some cool gear through research and development.

Which is the other side of the game. When they are not cruising through space, fighting enemy ships and the like, the player will be dealing with the back end of the game. This means customising their Mech, upgrading parts, and researching further improvements, alongside those special projects. The level of customisation is astounding, with players able to not only mess around with different weapons and improve their current components, but also simply change the way their Mech looks. Things can get expensive, so don’t be surprised to grind a little in order to afford that shiny new laser gun.

Visually, War Tech Fighters is not exactly cutting edge, but it does everything it needs to do for an action packed Mech game. Things will quite often get very busy on the screen, with explosions and the like, and the Mechs themselves look quite impressive and will surely please Mech fans. Outside of the action though, the UI can be quite messy, especially when it comes to the customisation, and may leave some players feeling confused.

wtf4 (Copy)

War Tech Fighters is a game that knows its audience. Massive, powerful Mechs facing off against everything from small ships, giant spacecraft, space stations and other Mechs – what’s not to like? With loads of customisation and research, Mech fans will be happy with what’s on offer. However, the game does feel rough around the edges and the gameplay loop may struggle to be of interest to the less hardcore Mech fans. That being said, the game is good value for money considering the amount of content you get for the price, so anyone with a passing interest in piloting a giant Mech in the depths of space would do well to pick up War Tech Fighters.




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