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Boundless Launches September 11 on PC and PS4

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Journey To The Savage Planet Out Today

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Overcooked! 2

Posted by GG Goblin On August - 20 - 2018

Oh my word! It’s time to cook again.

Gather together some friends and prepare for a crazy cooking adventure with the sequel to Ghost Town Games’ arcade action cooking game. After a successful service with the first entry, Overcooked! 2 throws a few new tricks at the aspiring chefs while bringing plenty of disastrous kitchens for up to four players to test their cooking skills, and their friendships, as they fight back the Unbread. Yeah, it’s a bit silly.

oc21 (Copy)

Overcooked! 2 is the sort of game that begins with friends saying things like “Let’s make some Sushi” or “I’ll do the washing up, if you chop some lettuce”, but then quickly collapses into “why is there seaweed on the floor?”, “stop frying fish, we don’t need fish” and then “if you throw chopped potatoes at me one more time, this controller is going through the window”. Cooperation is the name of the game, or following orders if one of the players is particularly bossy, if players want to progress through the differently themed lands and levels to finally hold back the zombie bread.

For those who didn’t play the first game, the concept is quite simple. Players are placed in a kitchen and food orders are displayed at the top of the screen. Anyone who has played one of those restaurant running games on mobile where you tap the ingredients to make a dish will have the basic idea. However, in Overcooked! the player is represented by an actual little chef on the screen, and must move the chef around to the various different areas in order to create the needed dish. This might mean grabbing a tomato from storage, running to a chopping board to cut it up, before taking the chopped tomato to a saucepan and cooking. Then the player waits for the tomato to cook before putting it on a dish and running it to a serving hatch. The player also has to worry about taking the dirty plates to the sink to wash them up, and putting out any fires caused by leaving food cooking too long.

oc22 (Copy)

Obviously, the dishes are far more complex than just cooked tomatoes, but things are also made more complex by the inclusion of additional chefs. Up to four players can join the fun, if that’s what you want to call it. Even when playing with just one other person, things can quickly spiral out of control if the communication is poor and players don’t work together. It is possible to play the game alone, with a quick button press swapping between the two chefs on screen, but it is much more difficult to juggle everything that is needed to create the perfect dishes and get those much needed stars.

Of course, the kitchens themselves play a big part in how difficult and chaotic the game is. In the first game, players had to deal with all manner of hazards and obstacles as they prepare the food, from sliding or separating kitchens that make reaching the right equipment or ingredient difficult, to actual risk to chef life from sliding off ice and such. Much of the joy from the game came from discovering what new hell the developers where going to throw at the players next, and they really were quite inventive.

For Overcooked! 2, there is much of the same. Some of the recipes return, while there are some new dishes to prepare, such as the early Sushi. The adventure this time has the chefs preparing dishes to fight back an Unbread invasion which was unleashed accidentally by the Onion King.

oc23 (Copy)

The big new addition to the game comes from the ability to throw ingredients around. From throwing that rice across the kitchen, straight into the cooking pot to save time, to throwing an ingredient to a fellow chef to prepare, the throwing is a great new tool in the chefs arsenal. It also adds to the chaos as throwing is not especially precise, and food will end up everywhere like some massive food fight. The throwing also plays into some of the new level designs, with the chefs permanently separated and forced to throw food around to get everything prepared. The levels are, once again, excellently and mischievously designed, casting the kitchens into the most unlikely places.

Unlocking the next level seems to be a little easier this time around, but it still manages to be challenging for poorly communicating players. Once the player has managed to upset all of their friends, they can at least now take the game online to find other players to upset, which is a nice touch, and there is a versus play for the more aggressive players to enjoy. With a massive cast of different chefs to unlock, there is plenty of reason to come back again and again, other than to scream at your cooking buddies.

Overcooked! 2 carries across the same charm as the original, with bright coloured visuals and plenty of humour throughout. This happy look to the game may not break the tension from a mis-thrown onion, but it is nice nonetheless.

oc24 (Copy)

The sort of chaos created by Overcooked! 2 is just perfect for a party. There will be lots of shouting and laughing as all manner of cooking related disasters occur. However, this is not one for the serious gamer, or for the solo gamer. The sequel brings some new ideas, but is mostly just more of the same, which is no bad thing. Overcooked! 2 is a masterful co-op experience which is now not limited to the couch, extending the mayhem.




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