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Titan Quest

Posted by GG Goblin On August - 8 - 2018

Heading back to ancient times. 2006 to be precise.

Titan Quest is an action RPG in a very similar style to the infamous Diablo, that originally launched way back in 2006. At the time, the game was a very competent alternative to Blizzard’s finest and was fondly thought of. Jump forward ten years and the game gets a resurgence with an Anniversary Edition offering tweaks and improvements over the original release, followed by ports showing up on other consoles. Now, THQ Nordic have brought classic ARPG action to the Nintendo Switch as Titan Quest seems to be rounding out its tour of all platforms.

tqs1 (Copy)

Titan Quest is a game that absolutely drips with mythology, taking the well established myths of ancient Greece over a more purely fantasy based setting. The game is set in Ancient Greece and the surrounding areas, and gives the players a great quest to potentially save humanity. The Titans of myth are stirring, and it is down to the player to fight their way through all manner of nasties and put things right. While the story not the most engrossing, it made a nice contrast at the time to Blizzard’s offering, and it gave a nice excuse to fight loads of monsters and collect tons of loot.

Players begin by creating their very own hero, who starts out pretty weak and unimpressive. The options are alright, but the player will have plenty of opportunity down the line to make their hero much more individual. The first major option comes when the player first levels up and allows them to choose a mastery. Choosing a mastery will give the character a class, and also dictate which skills or abilities that they can use. From lightning or poison based skills, through the chance to summon companions or heal, there is something for everyone in the choice of masteries.

In fact, there is so much choice that some players may find it a bit difficult to pick one. Fortunately, further down the line the player will be able to pick a second mastery and thus take advantage of a whole new set of abilities. Progressing through the game and levelling up, the player will get various points to use not only for improving their hero’s core stats, but also for improving their masteries and unlocking new abilities. This gives the player a great deal of options in how their hero evolves into what they want.

tqs2 (Copy)

But the options to develop their hero doesn’t stop there. Outside of all manner of special abilities and skills, the hero will still spend a large chunk of time fighting away with whatever weapon they happen to have equipped. Players are able to set up two load outs for their hero, ensuring that they have the right tool for the job at hand, and there are a huge number of different weapons to find and use in Titan Quest. This gives the character a different look, as does the massive amount of different pieces of armour or trinkets that can be found in the game. Action RPGs are known for the amount of loot that players can gather, and Titan Quest is no different. As is often the case, there are merchants available in the game to sell off unwanted loot for gold, in order to buy more loot. There are also places to store loot outside of the players inventory, which is handy for those who struggle to part with things.

Players will make their way through the main story, fighting monsters large and small, all while hoovering up the loot. Side quests are offered by some NPCs, adding further depth to the action. There are fast travel portals available, making it much easier to travel around the game world, and multiplayer is available for those who want to bring along a friend.

And now on to the Switch port. Firstly, it has to be said that the game plays nice and smoothly, which is no real surprise considering how old the core game is. It also looks really nice on both the big screen and the small screen in handheld mode. There are the occasional visual glitches, but nothing really game breaking. However, and this is a problem that has been cropping up a lot on Switch, everything is very small when being played portably. While this is no huge problem during most of the action gameplay, the writing is almost impossible to read without eye strain. Being able to play games while on the go is one of the major strengths of Nintendo’s hybrid console, but I am finding more and more games that are simply not suitable due to the size of the screen and the game not being optimised for portable play. Titan Quest looks good and plays well when on the go, but it can be more of a struggle than is comfortable.

tqs3 (Copy)

At the end of the day, Titan Quest on Switch is a very straight forward port of a game that is quite old now. It works well and is enjoyable to play, as long as your have eagle-like eyesight. But it is still an old game, and playing it on the Switch will not magically make the game any more modern. I was fond of Titan Quest back when it launched, and still enjoyed it this time around, but the game is showing its age now. With that said, there are not a lot of action RPG options on Nintendo Switch at the moment, and if an ARPG is what you need, then Titan Quest will happily fill that slot in your library.




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