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Banner of the Maid’s DLC The Oriental Pirate Launches September 15

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WarioWare Gold

Posted by GG Goblin On August - 10 - 2018

Microgames a-plenty.

In the twilight of the 3DS’ life cycle, I find myself playing less and less on Nintendo’s groundbreaking handheld, opting instead to spend my time with the shiny new Switch. So when a new game comes along that doesn’t make a simultaneous appearance on the Switch, I pick up the 3DS with a sense of sadness that this might just be the last mainstream game that I play on the handheld. Well, if WarioWare Gold does happen to be the last big title I play on the handheld, my 3DS can retire happy in the knowledge that it has entertained me thoroughly, all the way to the end.


Damn, that sounded depressing. Fortunately, Wario is on hand in WarioWare Gold, ready to provide all manner of silliness with an abundance of crazy microgames. I have to admit that, while I have really enjoyed the previous WarioWare games, I never really took them seriously, thinking of them as more of a time waste in-between the important game playing. It was the microgames with their super short play time that would leave me feeling underinvested. WarioWare is great as a party game, or a palette cleanser, but surely not something to sink hours and hours into.

But for some reason, this latest WarioWare outing clicks as so much more than just a few seconds of excitement at a time. I am sure that this is in part due to the story that contains fully voiced cut scenes, which are great to watch and absolutely hilarious. There is also the return of many characters from previous games, along with voices, which will make the fans happy.

The player will have to work their way through leagues of microgames bunched together by their different control methods. This is one place where the WarioWare games excel, and making use of all the different ways the player can interact with the 3DS gives an incredible variety. Players will find themselves mashing the buttons, tapping the touchscreen, twisting or tilting the whole 3DS and even blowing into the microphone as they play the various games.


Of the microgames themselves, it can be a bit hit or miss. WarioWare Gold packs in some 300 odd microgames, so of course not all of them are going to hit the mark. Some are returning games from previous titles, albeit with a little twist perhaps, while others are brand new for Gold. All of them are very short and most of them totally bonkers. The good news is that, thanks to their briefness, if the player comes across a game that they don’t like, it won’t last long. Compare this with most games that will offer up a theme that the player may not like for a whole level, and even the bad games won’t prove to be a barrier to enjoyment. And with 300 games, any that are not enjoyed will soon be forgotten.

Playing through the story will lead to the player earning coins, and before long it will be time to start collecting some rewards. Head over to the capsule machine and start ploughing the coins in, to be rewarded with a whole bunch of different goodies, including additional mini games. One fun little reward allows the player to scan in an Amiibo and then Wario will paint it in his own style, and the painting can then be sold for more coins. The capsules are pricey, but fortunately there are plenty of ways to earn the coins needed to collect everything.

Getting through the story mode, which is shorter than I would have liked, the player will be able to start messing around with the various different challenge modes. This is where things get really exciting, with all manner of different twists on the formula. These include the likes of playing against time, with a single life, or even with the games alternating between the top and bottom screen with barely any delay, which is enough to challenge the sanity of any microgame player. With plenty of challenges and different ways to play, WarioWare Gold will entertain for much longer than seems credible for a microgame collection.


WarioWare Gold is a breath of fresh air on the 3DS. The games pick up and play nature, along with the light-hearted presentation and plentiful humour, make it a great game for short sessions. However, the wealth of possibilities and rewards keep the game entertaining for those longer sessions just as easily. Despite being just a collection of microgames, WarioWare Gold is a highly enjoyable addition to any 3DS library.




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