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Another Sight

Posted by GG Goblin On September - 13 - 2018

An Alice-like adventure.

Straight off the bat, there is something of an Alice in Wonderland feeling to Lunar Great Wall Studios’ fantasy adventure, Another Sight on PC. Now, I’m all about going down the rabbit hole, and I’m not opposed to a portion of Eat Me cake, so let’s head back to London in 1899 and see what this young girl and strange cat adventure is all about.

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Another Sight starts out with an interesting idea. Beginning in a strange world with giant cogs turning in the background, players are introduced to Kit, a young girl who doesn’t know where she is or what is going on. It’s a fairly standard setup. However, after only a few moments of moving right through the 2.5D environment, Kit falls through a hole and then something strange happens. She finds herself in a much more normal, slightly grubby Victorian-era environment, but something has changed. Kit discovers that she can’t see anything, instead having to rely on noises to create a small area of “vision” around her. This creates a very surreal landscape around Kit, without the need for any fantasy, and would obviously make any sort of adventure somewhat difficult.

However, at this point, Kit is not alone. She is joined by a rather scruffy looking cat called Hodge, who becomes her companion throughout the rest of the game. Hodge has his own set of abilities, and players are able to switch between Kit and Hodge at will to use their unique take on the world to progress. Kit is able, for example, to open doors, use devices, or move crates, while Hodge can use his agility to jump and reach high, narrow places, amongst other things. Between the two of them, they will explore this strange, fantastical world and overcome platforming sequences, solve some puzzles and even indulge in a little stealth when enemies need to be avoided.

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Another Sight offers an enjoyable story set within a world inspired by Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere. There is a really compelling Alice in Wonderland vibe going on as players traverse this often fantastical and strange world, and they will even come across some famous names, such as Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison. As the player progresses, they will explore a good variety of different environments, which are often as wondrous as they are disturbing. The real highlight here, despite everything going on in the background, is the relationship between a young girl and a scruffy cat, which is incredibly endearing and only grows as the player continues through the game.

The core mechanic of Kit’s limited “vision” is handled really well in the game, and switching between the two characters, one with a limited view and the other with full vision, gives the player two very different views of the world. Kit moves more slowly when she is alone, accounting for the limited vision, which can be a little frustrating. The jumping can also be imprecise and somewhat clunky, making some of the more difficult platforming sections a struggle. However, once the player becomes accustomed to the quirks, the platforming becomes much less of an annoyance. There are collectibles to be found through the game, but the linear nature of the levels prevents the player from doing any exploration of any sort, severely limiting the games replayability.

Another Sight’s visuals are a real highlight. With incredibly varied environments for the player to journey through, with plenty a visual spectacle along the way, there is always something nice for the player to look at. They may not be triple A visuals, but the levels are nicely done for a puzzle platform game, and are both highly detailed and well coloured. The effect when playing as Kit with the limited vision is nicely created, while the characters are all good to look at. There are some really impressive hand drawn scenes that are well worth enjoying. It must also be said that Another Sight has a beautiful soundtrack that complements the gameplay and the relationship between the two main characters.

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Another Sight brings an interesting mechanic to the game by giving Kit a different, and limited, view of the world, and it works really well. Aside from this, Another Sight is a relatively by the numbers game, with light platforming and puzzle solving. The story and setting is interesting, but the slow pace of play may put off some potential players. Fans of the genre wanting a more laid back experience in comparison to the hardcore platformers could find what they want in Another Sight.




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