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Lord Of Magna: Maiden Heaven Out Today

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FlingSmash & New WiiMote

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Destiny 2: Forsaken

Posted by GG Goblin On September - 18 - 2018

Farewell Cayde-6. Hello Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Like many, my interest in Bungie’s Destiny 2 had waned since the original launch. I found Destiny 2 more difficult to get into, especially coming off the back of playing the full compliment of Destiny content, but I eventually got pulled back in and enjoyed the ride. However, the end game struggled to keep me going, and the first two expansions, Curse of Osiris and Warmind, felt short on content and uninspired. But then, along comes Forsaken, a more expensive and far more substantial expansion that hopes to do for Destiny 2 what The Taken King did for Destiny.

d2f1 (Copy)

Look, I don’t think I am spoiling anything by revealing that fan favourite character Cayde-6 meets his maker in Forsaken’s excellent campaign. This fact has been a pretty major part of the marketing up to the launch of Forsaken, but I do apologise to anyone who was not aware. Still, this quest for revenge is an incredibly compelling reason for players to return, even if they were not so keen on the loud-mouthed Cayde-6 in the first place.

Hoping into the campaign, players are first sent off with Cayde-6 to deal with a prison riot in the Reef. Things don’t go according to plan, and the result is a lengthy, multi-part campaign to bring those responsible for Cayde’s death to justice, or just to get revenge. It doesn’t really matter, as it is the journey that counts as the player hunts down Uldren Sov and his Baron’s while facing off against an almost new type of enemy in the Scorn. So far as stories go, the more personal focus of the campaign, along with the varied enemies and environments, make Forsaken the best campaign so far in my eyes, both thoroughly enjoyable and highly memorable.

d2f2 (Copy)

The new boss battles found in the Forsaken campaign are far more involving than most, with each of the Barons bringing a different problem for the player to solve as they try to take them down. They are challenging encounters for anyone who hasn’t lived and breathed Destiny since launch. The new enemies, the Scorn, are just tweaks on the Fallen enemies, but can prove to be quite tricky, at least until the player gets used to the new types. While the story is long enough to hold up most stand alone games, and is certainly excellent fun, it is difficult to justify the high cost of Forsaken for that alone. Thankfully, there is a whole bunch of other cool new additions in Forsaken.

As someone who avoids playing Crucible matches like the plague, mostly because I am rubbish and getting constantly shot is no fun at all, the other big addition in Forsaken really got my interest. A new, somewhat unsavoury character has turned up and is offering players the chance to drop into the new Gambit mode, which is described as a competitive PvE mode. Here, two teams of players are dropped into separate arenas filled with AI enemies. Players take down the enemies and collect the motes that they drop. These motes are then deposited in a central container, and once around 100 motes have been collected, a boss gets summoned to the arena. The first team to defeat their boss, wins. However, things get more complicated as the more motes that a player deposits in one go, the more powerful of an enemy will be sent into the opposing teams arena. Add to this that occasionally one player can drop into the opposing arena and take out their Guardians as an invader, and you have a game mode that will appeal to both fans of PvE and PvP. It’s early days to say how well the Gambit mode will last or how it will evolve over time, but at the moment it is an absolute blast.

d2f3 (Copy)

As would be expected, the level and power level caps have been raised, giving players more reason to grind and find new weapons and armour. The pre-Forsaken patch changed up all of the classifications for weapons, and also made them more difficult to upgrade, which makes the process of imbuing favourite weapons far more grindy. I am not overly keen on having to hunt down more materials in order to keep my best weapons relevant, but there you go. The fact that I can now carry two shotguns if I want, I am more pleased about. I think it is like getting a new haircut, it just takes a little while to adjust.

There is a new bow weapon class, which provides a highly enjoyable slow, but long range weapon that packs a punch. There are also new skills available for each of the classes, bringing nine new supers and associated abilities for players to unlock. This will involve long running mission in which players will collect special drops from enemies and then follow a couple of simple quests. It’s not too difficult, and the pay off of new supers is well worth it.

The new content just doesn’t stop. With two new control zones and all of the accompanying fun, along with strikes, a new raid, and all the usual little additions, Forsaken is pretty substantial. And of course, there will be more to come, hopefully giving the players plenty of reason to keep coming back at least until the next expansion arrives.

d2f4 (Copy)

Destiny 2 tries to be all things to all players, and doesn’t always get it right. The obvious longevity that Bungie are aiming for is something that will reveal itself over time. But right now, in the wake of Forsaken, Destiny 2 is an absolute blast, with hours and hours of gameplay. While some players may prefer to avoid the grind of constantly finding new equipment to improve their Guardian, the purely excellent gunplay is plenty of reason to play. The Forsaken expansion may not give the Destiny 2 haters a reason to pick up the game, but it improves the core game and adds a wealth of new content. The cost of entry will put off any new players, being that they would have to buy the previous two expansions alongside the core game and Forsaken. But even then, what a ride it would be. Destiny 2: Forsaken is the expansion that destiny 2 was waiting for and bodes well for the future. Join the fight now.




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