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God Wars: The Complete Legend

Posted by GG Goblin On September - 6 - 2018

Future Past becomes The Complete Legend.

Kadokawa Games’ God Wars: Future Past originally made an appearance on the PS4 and Vita over here last year, providing some tactical JRPG goodness exclusively on the Sony consoles. The concentrated gameplay of tactical JRPGs make the games an ideal fit for handhelds, as is evident by how many of them have come to the likes of the Vita or the 3DS. They are the perfect type of game to just whip out and do a level, before having to hop off the train or whatever. Given that, it makes perfect sense that God Wars would then come to Nintendo’s Switch, the console that manages to successfully fulfil the needs of both the portable and home console at the same time.

gwtcl1 (Copy)

So, for the Nintendo Switch, we get God Wars: The Complete Legend. This is the same game that came to the Vita and PS4 as Future Past, but this time we have a host of updates that have improved the game, alongside a hefty portion of DLC, Labyrinth of Yomi, that adds many more hours of gameplay for the player. If nothing else, players will find extreme value for money with God Wars: The Complete Legend and will likely be entertained for weeks or months.

The gameplay of God Wars is something that most fans of the genre will be familiar with, but the story that runs through the core game is certainly a little more niche. With a setting, and art style, that draws inspiration from ancient Japanese myth and legend, the story is long and winding, and may not resonate with players in the west as much as it would back in Japan. If begins with a Queen sacrificing her daughter to appease the gods as they appear to have become a little upset with Humanity in general. Some years later, another daughter called Kaguya sets out with companions to find her mother. The story gets off to a great start, but the introduction of other characters and the various sub plots, along with the mass of Japanese lore that has been injected, can make it difficult to follow, especially if you have no interest in that era to start with.

The gameplay is far easier to understand, especially for genre fans. Players will take a team of characters into battle, which takes place on a grid. As they progress through the game, players will build up a massive roster of different characters to take into battle. Once the action kicks off, both the players characters and the enemies on the grid, will take it in turns to move and act, depending on their speed. There are plentiful ways that the game becomes tactical, not least of which is placement of the characters on the battlefield, as players can dictate which way they are facing at the end of a move, and different elevations of the land can offer advantage or disadvantage. Due to these elevation changes, the player may have to move the camera around to get the ideal view of the battlefield, which works well.

gwtcl2 (Copy)

A simple battle can be quite lengthy, with all manner of different options available to the player. Each character can be assigned more than one job, which will give them access to different special skills in battle. While all characters have a standard attack, the skills will use MP and so will potentially have a more limited use. Characters will earn experience that will be used to unlock new skills and abilities along the way. And then there is the equipment side of things, where players are able to equip their characters with weapons or armour found in battle or purchased from a merchant. As the game progresses, with more and more characters becoming available alongside an ever increasing amount of equipment, this can all get a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, there is a “recommended” option that takes all of the effort out of this side for players who just can’t be bothered.

The gameplay all works very well. It is not overly complicated and should be easy to slip into for anyone who has played a tactical RPG before. The problem is that, on the same note, it isn’t that exciting either. Sure, the difficulty is well placed that most of the major confrontations will bring some challenge. But God Wars doesn’t bring anything particularly new to the genre. More of a good thing isn’t really a problem, but some innovation would have made all the difference.

While the improvements included with The Complete Legend appear to be mostly quality of life, the included DLC offers real appeal. Labyrinth of Yomi is a massive dungeon for players that have completed the main story, and offers some 50 odd levels of tactical JRPG fun with multiple endings. We are talking hours and hours of additional content here, which may be even more suited to mobile play than the core game.

Visually, God Wars is a mixed bag on the Switch. The cut scenes and presentation are generally good. However, the chibi styled characters on screen lack detail, and the environments for the battles are just plain dull most of the time. I think the visuals have suffered a little in the move from the small Vita screen to the larger Switch screen.

gwtcl3 (Copy)

God Wars: The Complete Legend fails to offer anything really new, but then doesn’t go wrong in many places. Where it matters, in the gameplay, God Wars is as entertaining as any tactical JRPG, and the hundreds of hours of gameplay on offer here, make the game great value for money. God Wars: The Complete Legend is a great fit for genre fans looking for their next hit on the Nintendo Switch.




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Coming later this year to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch.


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