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Two Point Hospital

Posted by GG Goblin On September - 7 - 2018

Patients are reminded not to die in the corridors. Thank you.

Bullfrog’s Theme Hospital was a game that seemed to get noticed by more than the usual gaming fans. My love of video games is not something shared by the rest of my family, yet everyone remembers Theme Hospital, and so everyone was excited to hear that a spiritual successor was in the works from Two Point Studios. Now, Two Point Hospital is out and manages to provide both a nostalgic hit and a hugely entertaining time, all while dealing with sick people.

tph1 (Copy)

Two Point Hospital is a relatively straight forward game to understand. Rather than being some kind of sandbox in which the player has to build and manage a successful hospital, it takes on more of a puzzle game form in which the player is given a hospital and then must hit goals to be awarded stars, unlocking further hospitals with yet more challenge. With each hospital, the player can continue playing after unlocking the next, to increase their star rating and improve their overall career.

But let’s start at the beginning. The player is first given charge of an empty building, all set to be turned into a functioning hospital. First of all, they may want to plop down a reception desk, and hire an assistant to run it. Then, it will be a matter of building a GP office. Building rooms is nice and easy in Two Point Hospital, simply dragging walls within the confines of the hospital building, and then deciding where to put the door and any additional windows. Then the player will have to place the required items for any specific room, such as a desk and filing cabinet in the case of a GPs office. The quality of a room goes up in levels, and adding extra features to a room, such as additional filing cabinets, plants or pictures on the wall, will improve the level and make the room more appealing, which leads to happier staff and happier patients.

With a GPs office built, the player will then have to look into hiring a doctor. The choices will be slim to start with, but more applicants will become available as the game moves on. The cost of a doctor, and other staff like nurses or janitors, will come down to any skills they may bring with them. They also each have their own little personality quirks, which can become apparent by simply watching them go about their business.

tph2 (Copy)

As patients start coming in and being diagnosed, with simple illnesses such as Clamp of Verbal Diarrhoea, the player will need to build a pharmacy to hand out the meds needed to cure these poor people. This will require a nurse to run, so off to the hiring window again. At this point it may be worth considering the comfort of your patients, and so placing a few benches would be a good idea, and maybe a vending machine for snacks and drinks, perhaps some leaflets to read, and some bins. Then, of course, hiring a janitor would be a good idea, not only to empty the bins, but also to keep the big machines working well.

From there on, things just get more complicated. Keeping the staff happy is of the utmost importance, and beyond a hefty pay rise, a decent staff room will go a long way. Toilets may not be a bad idea, to prevent accidents in the halls. And then there are all of the more specialised diagnosis and treatment rooms, all of which have to be staffed. If you have a case of Mock Star come in the hospital, displayed as a patient walking around like Freddie Mercury, then you will need not only a psychiatrist office, but also a doctor with the psychiatry skill. For Light Headed patients, whose head has been replaced by a lightbulb, a special machine in the De-Lux clinic will be needed to unscrew the lightbulb and replace it with a head.

As is obvious, there is a lot of humour in Two Point Hospital. From the comical illnesses, like Hurty Leg or Grey Anatomy, to the frequent messages coming across the tannoy system, or the ever strange hospital DJ droning on in the background, there is a lot of fun to be had in the game.

tph3 (Copy)

The player will have certain goals to achieve in order to get their star ratings up, and unlock the next hospital. With each hospital, new problems are introduced for the player to overcome. For some, it may simply be the introduction of a new illness, or the chance to expand the hospital by purchasing plots of land. For others, the complications rise as the player can only hire trainee doctors and has to build training rooms to give them the skills they need, or the hospital may be in a cold climate and require heating to prevent patients getting even more ill. The game keeps throwing new challenges at the player, always keeping them on the edge of complete and utter chaos without tipping over into frustration. The balancing is perfect. Some goals may take longer then others, especially in the later hospitals, but it never feels like too much.

Cash flow will be something that the player has to keep an eye on, but there is also the hospitals reputation to keep an eye on. While it is not always easy to cure everyone, having a patients die and then their ghost haunting the hospital and scaring other patients is something that will quickly affect the reputation. Get a janitor with ghost catching skills, using a dust buster, to get rid of that ghost as quick as possible. There is also Kudosh awarded to the player, a special currency that is used to unlock extras for the hospital, from different plants and pictures, to more deluxe vending machines. These items can be used to raise more cash, improve the attractiveness of the hospital, or simply to give it a more personal look.

Two Point Hospital is highly polished and looks absolutely great. The cartoon style from the original Theme Hospital has been modernised and brought up to date, resulting in a game that is very easy on the eyes, and a lot of fun to watch even when not playing. The UI is also incredibly fluid and within seconds the player will know where to click to find what they need.

tph4 (Copy)

In all, it is very difficult to find fault with Two Point Hospital. The game can become a little overwhe3lming in the later hospitals, and trying to keep everything running smoothly could result in panic for those with a delicate constitution. But the reality is that Two Point Hospital is the sim game that we have been waiting for, and I have yet to find a cure for Two Point Hospital Mania.




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Coming later this year to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch.


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