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Yo-Kai Watch Blasters: Red Cat Corps & White Dog Squad

Posted by GG Goblin On September - 20 - 2018

A Yo-Kai Watch spin-off.

For fans of the Pokémon games, the Yo-Kai watch series of games from Level 5 have become a very viable alternative. There have been plenty of other titles that have tried to emulate the feel and success of Pokémon, but none have come as close as the now incredibly popular ghost collecting and battling games. So, it comes as no surprise that Level 5 would start bringing out spin-off games, cashing in on the games popularity. While the fans wait for the next instalment of Yo-Kai Watch proper to reach these shores, they can spend their time enjoying a slightly different experience with Yo-Kai Watch Blasters, which comes in the White Dog Squad and Red Cat Corps varieties.


It’s not unusual for two titles to be released at once, something that Pokémon does very well. The two different games are pretty much the same, with just a few differences that will force those who have gotta catch ’em all to seek out a friend with the other copy of the game. Given that there is a strong argument for playing Yo-Kai Watch Blasters with friends in co-op anyway, that will hopefully not be too difficult. So the real deciding factor will be whether the player is a dog person or a cat person.

The Yo-Kai Watch Blasters premise comes from a mini game of sorts introduced in the previous games. Basically, it charges the player with controlling a team of Yo-Kai that go out during Terror Time and deal with troublesome spirits. This is essentially the Ghostbusters of the Yo-Kai world, and that influence is carried into the game quite obviously. Base of operations happens to be an old fire house building, and there is even an Ecto-1 style vehicle involved. It’s pretty cute.

For anyone who hasn’t played the Yo-Kai Watch games before, you may be wondering what on earth these Yo-Kai are. Well, Yo-Kai are spirits and there are loads of them. The core games involved themselves with basically battling them with the players own team of friendly Yo-Kai, and trying to befriend them in an attempt to get the opposing Yo-Kai to join their team, and collect them all. Yo-Kai Blasters packs in some 400 to collect, so this will be no short walk in the park.


Blasters takes place in very familiar settings for anyone who played the last mainstream game. In fact, the areas that the player will be exploring and battling in, including Springdale, are pretty much exactly the same, with perhaps a little less depth. This has allowed the developer to re-use assets from the previous game, which some players may find a little disappointing. But still, it is a nice setting that does the job.

The biggest change between Blasters and the core series games come in the form of the battles, which are much more hands on than before. Yo-Kai have different classes this time around, giving them very defined roles in battle, from your standard fighter, through tanks, rangers and finally healers. This gives the player an idea of how to set up a well rounded team for battle. The player, controlling one of the characters in their team, will have access to a simple attack and a couple of special abilities that have a cool down timer. Battles play out in real-time and players can swap between their characters as they wish. They can also revive fallen Yo-Kai if they have the chance. It’s not too complicated, and most basic encounters can be overcome fairly quickly, as long as the team is up to scratch. In fact, the game is quite easy all around, mostly. Occasionally, the player will have to face a boss battle, and these can become quite involved and tricky, especially if the player has not been levelling up their Yo-Kai.


The levelling and keeping the team at their best is where the majority of the grind will come in. Players will have to collect Oni Orbs, found in some places or dropped by defeated Yo-Kai, in order to level up their team. This has to be done back at the base, which means getting out of whatever they are doing alive. Then the player can start paying out for the Yo-Kai to level up. However, the Oni Orbs are used for other things as well, such as purchasing items or evolving Yo-Kai, so players will need to collect loads and loads of these things in the course of the game, which means loads and loads of grinding.

The grinding comes from the three different modes available to the player. The story mode is where all of the missions and side missions come from, and have very distinct objectives for the player to work towards. Then there is the more easy going Patrol Mode in which lets the player just head out and fight Yo-Kai. Finally, after a while, the Big Boss Mode becomes available, giving the player a chance to once again fight the bosses they have defeated in Story Mode, but with different levels of difficulty, leading to far better rewards.

Considering the relatively basic combat gameplay, the constant grinding can get very repetitive. However, bringing some friends along for the fun can take the edge off. Playing with others is also more ideal considering that the AI does not always make good decisions. For the majority of the game, the AI is perfectly acceptable, but for the more difficult encounters, it really does struggle to keep up.


Yo-Kai Watch Blasters brings a different type of Yo-Kai game for players to enjoy. It feels a little more basic than the core games, and certainly suffers from repetitive gameplay. But it is also relatively light and easy going, looking great and playing well. For the Fans of the series, the need to collect all of the Yo-Kai will lead to many hours of entertainment, and the game is a great choice for those new to the Yo-Kai phenomenon.




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