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My Arcade Micro Player Retro Arcade Machines

Posted by GG Goblin On October - 26 - 2018

Give the gift of arcade.

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, finding a gift for the gamer in your life can be tricky. Sure, you could pick up the latest blockbuster game, or a shiny new piece of hardware. But what about the smaller gifts, little novelties that a gamer would enjoy? Well, casting aside the likes of themed socks or chocolates, there are plenty of collectibles out there related to gaming. Turning it up a notch, how about a collectible that can actually be played? What about picking up an arcade machine? Too big? Well, maybe a mini arcade machine that will sit comfortably on the desk? GGUK take a look at the My Arcade Micro Player Retro Arcade machines.

Micro Player Retro Arcade - Pac-Man (Copy)

As a youngster, many a Sunday afternoon was spent in the pub. Don’t worry, this isn’t a tale of a slippery slope into juvenile delinquency. My time was spent in the family room, a room hidden around the back for the kids to hang out while parents got down to the much more serious business of, well, whatever they did in pubs. Aside from the air hockey table, the only other thing of interest in the family room was a battered arcade machine in the corner. Obviously picked up at least third hand, this thing looked rough, but it worked and provided many hours of entertainment. The game was Pac-Man.

Jumping forward to now, I have spent some time with the My Arcade Pac-Man Micro Player. Like someone has been going mad with the shrink ray, this little, bright yellow arcade cabinet certainly looks the part. The construction of the machine is only plastic, but it is far more solid than I expected and looks like it will be able to stand up to some abuse. The graphics around the cabinet are very nicely done and not some cheap stickers that will peel off after a week.

The My Arcade Micro Players have a huge bay at the back to pack in four AA batteries for power. But don’t panic, there is also a Micro-USB slot at the bottom that allows the machine to be powered through a Micro-USB cable, which is something that pretty much everyone will have knocking around. Extra points for not making us rely on batteries.

When it came to turning it on, I must admit to being a little confused to start with. Having not read the manual, I searched the little unit for a power button, and it took a little head-scratching before I realised that the large square beneath the playing controls, where the coin slots would traditionally sit, was actually a satisfyingly springy power button. Pressing it in and the unit came to life.

PAC-MAN Micro Player (Copy)

The glorious, full colour 2.75″ screen lights up, as do two small squares on the power switch, and the fun can start. For controls, the Micro Player has a start and reset button, and a small joystick/dpad. The controls are nice and responsive, even if my skills at avoiding the ghosts were left wanting. The joystick feels comfortable to use, but by unscrewing the joystick the player is able to use the dpad and hold the entire machine like a retro gamepad.

Pressing the start button was when the magic happened. The game started up and the sound that came from the unit instantly transported me back to that tatty old machine in the family room. I hadn’t even thought about it for years, and all of a sudden this little desktop arcade machine was reminding me how much I hated air hockey. Everyone knows how to play Pac-Man, and the game itself has indeed appeared on pretty much every platform from home consoles to mobile phones. However, there was something so enjoyable about plying it in this format that really raised a smile. Everyone who has seen it has wanted to pick it up and play.

So, some details. Firstly, this is officially licensed from Bandai Namco, so you know that quality and authenticity will be high. The unit is 6.75″ tall and even has rubberised grips on the underside to keep the unit steady when playing it on a desk or table. On the back, aside from the battery compartment and Micro-USB slot, there is also the speaker grill and, at the very top, a socket for headphones, along with volume up and down buttons. It is so well made and so solid, I really can’t fault it.

But what about those who don’t like Pac-Man? Well, first off, I can’t imagine anyone not liking Pac-Man, especially in this format. But still, My Arcade have options. Other machines licensed from Bandai Namco include Dig Dug, Galaga, Mappy and Galaxian. Then there are also the Data East titles of Burgertime, Bad Dudes, Karate Champ, Caveman Ninja and Heavy Barrel, so there are plenty for collectors to get excited about. We also had the chance to play around with both Dig Dug and Galaga. These mini arcade machines were just as high quality and just as authentic, with the only real difference being the extra button on the controls to take into account shooting in Galaga and pumping in Dig Dug.

DGUN-3222 Micro Player_PR6 (Copy)

Micro Player Retro Arcade - Dig Dug (Copy)

From the sound to the feel, the gameplay to the graphics, the My Arcade Micro Player Retro Arcade machines just ooze charm and beg to be played. I have seen some of the machines available in GAME and also on Amazon, priced at £29.99, but heading to myarcadegaming.com will point buyers in the direction of where to pick up their favourite machines. The My Arcade Micro Player Retro Arcade machines are just brilliant and will make the perfect gift for gamers and collectors. Great stuff!!


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