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Remothered: Tormented Fathers

Posted by GG Goblin On October - 8 - 2018

Time to get creepy.

I am sure that I am not alone by celebrating Halloween with a suitably creepy video game or movie. In recent years, finding a game that actually depended on proper scares and tension over the usual gorefest that is described as survival horror, has become quite difficult. However, with Stormind Games’ Remothered: Tormented Fathers launching this Summer on console, there is hope for a proper scare this Halloween.

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Remothered: Tormented Fathers starts out quite innocently with an elderly lady chatting to a voice behind the camera. There is then a quite marvellous title sequence which makes the game feel more like one of those Scandinavian Noir shows, focussing largely on a children’s playground. Finally, we get to meet the main character as she slowly puffs away awkwardly at her cigarette while sitting in a van.

This is 35 year old Rosemary Reed, and she bears a striking resemblance to Clarice Starling, the FBI investigator from Silence of the Lambs, as played by Jodie Foster. I am not saying that Rosemary is based on Clarice, but if she isn’t, it’s a hell of a coincidence. Anyway, Rosemary wants to talk to the ageing, and somewhat ill, Richard Felton. She claims to be there to discuss his treatment, but when the discussion turns to the disappearance of Mr. Felton’s adopted daughter some years earlier, from the nearby children’s playground, well, things get a little tense and Rosemary is escorted from the building.

But we all know what happens next. Rosemary returns later that evening, determined to find out what actually happened to the young girl, and is met by some pretty scary stuff. Now, she is trapped in the large mansion with all manner of horrors.

The story in Tormented Fathers is pretty good, offering the kind of twists and turns that you would hope for, without getting silly. As the game is supposed to be the first part of a trilogy, there are some loose ends that presumably will be addressed in future games, but even standing alone, there is certainly enough entertainment story wise for a creepy Halloween.

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The gameplay involves roaming around the mansion, looking for clues to what is going on and the disappearance or the young girl, solving some fairly simple puzzles, all while trying to avoid the horrors that stalk the halls. Tormented Fathers offers a more classic approach to horror, and as such the player is not armed with their very own arsenal, and will instead rely on sneaking around and hiding to avoid being attacked. There are ways to distract the horrors though, and even ways to temporarily lock them away or slow them down if they get too close. But for the most part the player will be best keeping quiet and finding the closest hiding place. Even the few weapons that become available are much less use than a good hiding place.

Distractions work because the disturbed creatures that walk the halls react to sound, and so a well placed alarm clock is always good. What is not so good is the fact that after a short jog, Rosemary is left breathing way too heavily and noisily, probably due to her smoking habit. Still, it does mean that walking is the safest way to explore, which wouldn’t be so bad if Rosemary wasn’t so slow. She’s not much quicker  when she runs, but at least it feels like she is getting places. Still, with all of the slow walking, at least there is plenty of time for things to jump out and scare the player.

Early in the game, Rosemary reveals her dislike of mirrors, which obviously means that certain mirrors are going to be the only way to save the game. These save points are not particularly numerous, and are usually patrolled by nasties, but are the only way to heal Rosemary from any injury, which makes her even slower by the way, and the only place to save progress in the game. Especially handy given that the mansion is pretty huge and, as is often the case, something of a maze.

Visually, the mansion itself looks pretty impressive. The clever use of lighting goes a long way to adding atmosphere to the game, but there is a problem with the mansion lacking in variety, making it quite difficult to remember routes or places already visited at times. The characters also look good, if a little stiff and awkward in their movements. The things that the player will encounter through their adventure are well designed and suitably creepy.

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Remothered: Tormented Fathers only runs for a half dozen hours or so, which is quite short, but fits well with the game. Playing is very tense, and so the game does not outstay its welcome. While some may be put off by the slow pace and having no real way to fight back, others will accept this as a way to build the horror and create a truly scary experience. Stormind Games have created a proper creepy game that will, I am sure, be played by many gamers this Halloween. Check it out for some scares.




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