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Warriors Orochi 4

Posted by GG Goblin On October - 23 - 2018

It’s Musou time!

It’s not like there is a shortage of Warriors games. From Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors, through the huge number of spin off games licensed to other series, such as the Pirate Warriors or Dragon Quest Warriors games, fans of the empowering formula are not short of games to play. But for the true Musou fans, those who delve deep into the lore of the more traditional Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors games, there are the Warriors Orochi titles, bringing characters together in a form of fan service that can only delight. While the most recent Dynasty Warriors title tried some new ideas and suffered as a result, Omega Force’s Warriors Orochi 4 takes a more traditional approach, which will please the long time fans as well as make the game more approachable for new players.

wo41 (Copy)

Let’s get something straight right now. Those who have played a Warriors game in the past and have found it boring or repetitive will not find anything in Warriors Orochi 4 to change that. The core gameplay, which seems to have a Marmite effect on gamers, remains the same.

For those who have never played a Warriors game, the concept is simple. Players control a character, or a group of three, and basically face off against an entire army. Through mashing the attack buttons, players will cut a path through the opposing army, knocking out hundreds, if not thousands, of enemies in the course of one battle. The gameplay is very empowering, giving the player a feeling of being some kind of super-powered being amidst a sea of mediocrity. The player will navigate a battlefield using a small map that displays in the corner, and will have to work their way through this mass of enemies to different objectives and the occasional more difficult opponent. It is easy to understand why some gamers cannot see past the repetition in games like this, because it is repetitive. But it is also relaxing and feels good, and easily accessible for new players.

wo42 (Copy)

Warriors Orochi 4 follows that formula for the most part. Players are given a team of three characters when they go into battle, and can quickly switch between them at will. This switching between the characters becomes one of the most important aspects of the game, allowing players to constantly switch and thus build up massive combos, and building up these huge combos are one of the main appeals. Where Warriors Orochi goes above and beyond is with the cast of playable characters, which happens to be a record breaking 170. Yeah, just take a minute to digest that. 170 playable characters. Pretty impressive, isn’t it.

But how does a game manage to justify such a huge roster? Well, the Warriors Orochi games have always been about bringing together the already impressive rosters from both Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors, and this is the case here. To bring all of this together is a story involving gods that have created a new world and transported all of these characters into it for their own amusement. I am not going to say that the story will win any awards, but it offers enough intrigue and some wonderful visual novel-style cutscenes to keep the player invested. Through some very clever writing, the developers have managed to give each of the characters, no matter when they are unlocked, a moment to shine. Some characters will shine more than others due to certain story requirements, but for players looking to see their favourite characters, it will come eventually.

wo43 (Copy)

Obviously, as the player progresses through the story and side missions, the number of characters that they will actually be able to use and build up will be no where near the 170 count, which encourages players to go back and replay missions, simply to see how each character plays. While there is a simple way of grouping similar characters, through speed or toughness for example, each of the playable characters is different enough that they feel unique. Adding more individuality to the characters are the new to series magical powers. These offer another way of mowing through the thousands of enemy combatants, or dealing hefty damage to more powerful adversaries, alongside the selection of special moves already available to each character. These magical abilities use a separate gauge from the usual Musou gauge, although the most powerful magical attacks will drain both gauges. Each characters will have four magical attacks that range from the mundane to the truly spectacular, and are a worthy addition to the regular formula that gives players something else to experiment with.

The battles are great, but when it comes to what goes on between the battles, things are a little more mundane. Players will have collected weapons to sort out, and gems to spend, while characters that are not being used can be sent away for training to improve them and gather more resources. As you can imagine, with such a huge roster of characters, management can become a bit overwhelming, and to be honest the menu system is more convoluted than it needs to be.

Warriors Orochi 4 is also one of those few games nowadays that offers local co-op alongside the more usual online co-op. Being able to play the game alongside a friend on the sofa is a real highlight and only makes the game more fun. Playing online is great too, but a lack of different modes does limit the longevity of online play. Aside from the missions, there is a mode that allows players to compete in three v three capture the base battles, but that is about it. More multiplayer options may come further down the line, but online multiplayer is currently not really a reason to buy the game.

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While Warriors Orochi 4 may not be the best Warriors game ever released, it is certainly better than Dynasty Warriors 9, which will please the series fans. With such a massive roster, it is easy to find favourite characters to play as, and the huge amount of content and replayability will ensure that Warriors Orochi will be a game that players can come back to time and time again. The gameplay may be repetitive, but it is also easy fun and great to relax with. Musou fans will need this in their library.




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