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For Honor: Marching Fire

Posted by GG Goblin On November - 12 - 2018

Stepping back into the fray.

More than 18 months after the launch of For Honor, Ubisoft release the Marching Fire DLC expansion, bringing a whole host of improvements and new content to the popular skilled medieval combat game. While it is not unusual for a game to receive a game changing upgrade this afar after launch, the way that Marching Fire has been released is just a little bit odd.

fhmf1 (Copy)

For Honor is a medieval fighting game that relies more on skill than button-mashing hack and slash mechanics as the player takes out a hero from three available factions and generally faces off against other such heroes. Whether they take a Viking, a Knight or a Samurai, players will have to master the use of three stances in order to block and attack. For Honor had a rocky start in life, but has managed to build up a faithful community of hardcore players that appreciate the steep difficulty curve and the reliance on skill over anything else to succeed in the game.

Marching Fire is the latest addition for the game, showing how much the game has changed since the tumultuous launch and giving new players, or returning players, a good reason to drop back in for some medieval swordplay. The interesting thing with Marching Fire, is that most of the content is being offered for free as part of a patch for all owners of the game, not just those who have paid out for the expansion.

The Marching Fire patch includes a large number of improvements to the game, including visual improvements that make medieval combat look better than ever. Textures and the lighting system have all been improved to make the game look that bit more inviting, but only players who have been around all through the previous seasons will likely notice the difference. There are also improvements to the UI to make it more user friendly, which is great news for the newcomers.

fhmf2 (Copy)

The most important addition in the Marching Fire free patch, and perhaps the most important addition over all, is the new Breach mode. This is a 4×4 PVP game mode in which one team will be tasked with defending a castle, while the other team has access to a huge battering ram and must storm the gates. Each team is supplemented with an army of AI minions to harass the other, and a thirty minute timer is put on as the attacking player slowly moves their battering ram towards the gates. This is a pretty intense game mode which shakes up the usually one on one gameplay of the core game, and secondary objectives that offer buffs only make things even more intense. Matches can tend to drag on a little, but the chaotic gameplay will more often than not ensure that players are not even aware of the time.

Then we come to the paid for side of Marching Fire, but even here, things are confused. First up, there are four new characters to play as, joining the roster of 18 characters already available. These new guys come as part of the Wu Lin faction, and each bring their own new fighting style and story to the game. For the long time players, these are a great addition as it gives them new characters to learn how to use on the battlefield, and for the newcomers there is the chance to start at the beginning with these characters, without feeling overwhelmed. However, including these in the paid for part of Marching Fire seems slightly strange as they will also be available to buy using in-game currency. It will take a long time to get them, but they will be there nonetheless.

Which means that the only aspect of Marching Fire that will only be available to those who pay, is the new Arcade mode. This is a PVE mode in which the player can take on small, random missions against AI opponents. There are plenty of modifiers when it comes to difficulty, making it a very good training ground for new players or those who want to refresh their skills before heading to the multiplayer game. These missions can be played alone or with a friend, and the random inclusion of modifiers keep these missions fresh. The arcade mode is great for those wanting to train, but also those wishing to level up or gain some gear.

fhmf4 (Copy)

But it still begs the question, when most of the content is offered freely or with some in-game effort, is it really worth paying out for the paid side of Marching Fire? Well, as Marching Fire costs around £25, it is quite difficult to recommend for just an Arcade mode and early access to four characters. That being said, the Arcade mode is great, and the characters are really interesting to play as right now. Whether you go out and buy Marching Fire or not, now is really the best time to pick up or return to For Honor. The game has never looked or played better, and Breach mode is a blast. Pick a side and get fighting.




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