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DC Universe Online

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LEGO DC Super-Villains

Posted by GG Goblin On November - 5 - 2018

It’s good to be bad, with bricks.

Being bad with bricks could, I suppose, involve throwing them through windows, or perhaps propping up a car while stealing the wheels. Neither prospect would be especially appealing to a law-abiding citizen though. Thankfully, TT Games has another idea to keep the youngsters on the straight and narrow. How about creating your very own super-villain in the DC Universe, but making them out of LEGO. The juggernaut that it the LEGO franchise rolls on, and this time players can be bad in LEGO DC Super-Villains.

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The problem is that you are not really going to be bad, which will please all of the parents out there and be in keeping with the family-friendly nature of the LEGO games. Things start off suitably bad with a prison break, but when the appearance of a bunch of new heroes calling themselves the Justice Syndicate turn up to stop the prison break, things get a little more complicated. The Justice Syndicate have managed to get the Justice League out of the picture and are only pretending to be good, which leaves the proper villains with the job of saving the world from these interlopers, obviously with the intention of causing their own brand of havoc afterwards.

The idea of villains being the good guys is not exactly new, but it works well with the mammoth cast of characters that players will come across in LEGO DC Super-Villains. The big name villains are accompanied by an impressive roster of lesser known villains and heroes, which will be a real thrill to DC fans that happen to be playing the game. Of course, they each come with different powers and abilities, making them varied to play with.

However, in an almost South Park kind of way, the players main presence in the game will be in the form of a new super-villain, one who is surprisingly quiet and often referred to as a “rookie”. This is perhaps the biggest gimmick of this most recent LEGO game, the ability to create your own character. Sure, customisation of characters has been a staple in the LEGO games for a while, but in Super-Villains it is taken one step further. Not only can the player create a character with whatever looks they choose, from the huge selection available, but they can also give this character super powers, and as the game progresses, the player will be able to further customise their character, giving them a constantly evolving character. It’s a great idea to get the player more involved, but the fact that this new villain is almost pushed to the side in favour of the regular larger than life DC super-villains does make this aspect of the game feel a little pointless.

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When it comes to the gameplay, anyone who has played a previous LEGO will already know what to expect. TT Games cannot be accused of shaking the tree too much, and once again players will find themselves working through the various story levels and using the different abilities of different characters to fight bad guys, solve puzzles and open routes to the end. It’s a formula that has worked for ages, so why change it? Players will come across areas that will require powers they don’t have access to yet, because they haven’t unlocked the right character, and they will then be able to come back in free play to access these areas and get the goodies. Almost everything can be smashed down into studs that the player collects, hoping to achieve “True Super-Villain” status, and there are tons of other collectibles as always, such as mini-kits and red bricks, along with the huge cast of characters. LEGO DC Super-Villains is certainly not short of content.

The open-world is sizeable too, combining the usual Gotham city with the likes of Metropolis and even Smallville, and there is plenty to do in this world once the double digit campaign has been finished, providing hours more fun for LEGO fans and those who enjoy a good couch co-op game. These diversions include the likes of bite size missions and races to participate in, and the variety of different characters to play with ensures that things never get too dull.

While the main story may not exactly break the mould, the now trademark silly humour of the LEGO games is absolutely on point. Both younger players and old will be able to get a giggle from the game, no matter if they are fans of DC comics or not. Much of the humour hits the spot thanks to the impressive voice cast the game has, including the likes of Mark Hamill and John Barrowman.

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As with all previous LEGO games before, what players will get out of the game will depend on what they like. Fans of DC comics will be able to get the most from this game, enjoying the appearance of the more obscure characters and laughing at some of the in jokes. Fans of previous LEGO games will maybe not necessarily gel with the characters, but will be able to enjoy the usual puzzles, platforming and smashing stuff up to collect studs. Those who have never really enjoyed the LEGO games, well, nothing has changed. LEGO DC Super-Villains is a solid LEGO game which doesn’t really have any surprises, but will still prove to be hugely entertaining to those who know what to expect.




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