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Tropico 6 Preview

Posted by GG Goblin On November - 14 - 2018

New year, new dictator?

Tropico 6 is set to launch in early 2019, January 25th to be precise, so the new year looks set to start in the right way for fans of the tropical city building and management game. However, with a new developer taking the reigns, this time in the capable hands of Limbic Entertainment, will Kalypso’s Tropico 6 be everything a budding benevolent leader or cruel dictator could wish for?


The Tropico games have changed over the years, evolving from a fairly serious management game to something far more light-hearted and, frankly, more enjoyable. While I am sure that there are long time fans out there that miss the more serious side, there is something of a thrill to watch El Presidente have the Statue of Liberty stolen and then haphazardly dropped down into the bay outside one of his own settlements in the opening scenes from Tropico 6. El Presidente is not afraid to address the events of the modern day while also poking fun at the fact that this is, after all, a video game.

Playing through some of the early Tropico 6 game, it is easy to see that the fans will feel right at home here. Much of what players have come to expect from the Tropico series remains the same, albeit looking very nice, I must say. Political shenanigans aside, there is something always appealing about building up and running a banana republic in the beautiful sun, surrounded by gorgeous blue oceans. Maybe it is because I live in the UK where everything is so grey, but it is easy to enjoy the colourful life found in Tropico. With Tropico 6, the developers have once again pushed the boundaries of their game to improve the textures and lighting, ensuring that everything looks great whether the player is zoomed in close or watching from afar.

t61 (Copy)

Visual improvements are expected, but once the player gets over that feeling of familiarity, they can start to appreciate the other changes that have been made to this latest version of the game. Perhaps most interestingly, Tropico 6 promises to be bigger than all that came before. I am not talking about installation size or hours of gameplay, but the actual play areas have expanded, thanks mostly to the fact that players can now cast their influence over multiple islands. Sure, this is going to take a little more management on the players part, but the chance to expand across the water and start harvesting resources from neighbouring islands and such brings so many possibilities.

To compliment the island-hoping nature of Tropico 6, players will be able to make use of all new infrastructure options. These can range from building bridges or tunnels, to setting up cable cars for the tourists to enjoy. There is a higher emphasis on efficiency in the new game, and players will be able to sort out various modes of public transport to ensure that the workers are getting to where they need to be. All manner of overlays and visual reminders will keep the player appraised of how their population is doing and how they feel about El Presidente, making it much easier for the player to see what they have to do to make things better for the Tropicans, or at least which ones to imprison.

t62 (Copy)

Keeping in power is, as always, the most important aspect of the game, and so players will once again be trying to make money and build up an impressive republic, all while keeping the population happy. From providing entertainment, setting up trade deals with other countries, and ensuring that the various industries are working to maximum efficiency, the player will be setting edicts to bring about specific changes and dealing with the world at large as they work through their own problems. El Presidente’s most loyal advisor Penultimo returns to guide the player through the pitfalls of making speeches, negotiating with super powers and, if necessary, assassinating rivals.

Players will have much more freedom in how much they embrace El Presidente’s criminality, beyond just syphoning off funds for the Swiss bank account, which interestingly can be used now to fund some more shady operations. The new Pirate Cove building introduces the possibility of piracy, and so much more. From here the player is able to do all manner of fun things, from rescuing the survivors of sunken ships and bringing them back to the islands as new citizens, to actively raiding neighbouring countries and stealing world wonders, which bring their own advantages. And don’t worry about the moral compass of any immigrants, if they turn out to be bad, just build a prison and pop them in, and then put the prison populace to work. Everyone’s a winner. Well, El Presidente is a winner, and that’s all that matters.

t63 (Copy)

Tropico 6 is still a couple of months away, but the game is available to pre-order now on Steam, and pre-ordering will give players access to the current Tropico 6 beta, which is not a bad thing. Whether you are excited to see where the new developers take the Tropico series, are just chomping at the bit to customise your presidential palace (it’s a thing!), or just want to steal the Eiffel Tower, Tropico 6 is already shaping up to be a game that El Presidente will be proud of. Watch for the January 25th launch, and find a balcony to start practising your speeches.


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