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World Of Final Fantasy Maxima

Posted by GG Goblin On November - 26 - 2018

Chibi Final Fantasy on the Switch.

Once again we see an older game making its way onto the Switch. For multi platform gamers, this may well be another disappointment. However, this time around we are talking about Square Enix’s bundle of fun World of Final Fantasy. For the Switch, they have even added a Maxima to the end of the title. But don’t get too excited as that Maxima doesn’t actually mean that much. That doesn’t really matter though, because World of Final Fantasy is a game that is so well suited to the Switch that it surprises me they took this long to port it over.

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World of Final Fantasy originally launched about two years ago, very close to the launch of Final Fantasy XV. While the big bad latest numbered sequel boasted an open world and all manner of other modern game techniques, World of Final Fantasy almost went the other way, by offering a more nostalgic style of gameplay, combined with appearances from much loved Final Fantasy characters and a Pokemon-style catch ’em all mechanic. The two games were polar opposites, and I am sure anyone who played the two will have their favourite. For me, I am glad World of Final Fantasy has finally come to Nintendo’s new console.

For those who never played the game before, World of Final Fantasy follows the amnesiac siblings Lann and Reynn as they discover they are capable of catching and controlling Mirages, which are Pokemon type creatures, and then get all mixed up in a prophecy with mysterious villains, in the land of Grymoire. As I said when I reviewed the game originally, the story is perhaps not the highlight here. It is fairly generic. But that doesn’t matter so much because the story is only there to tie together what else the game does, and that is brilliant.

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The big, exciting thing for Final Fantasy fans is that the game will take the players to locations from previous Final Fantasy games, and have them meet and even team up with popular Final Fantasy characters. The storylines that set these meetings up are much more interesting than what is going on overall, and there is a real kick to be had from seeing favourite characters in the game, partially because it is always good to see old friends, and partially due to the chibi form they take. Little bodies with big heads make everything better.

Now, the thrill of seeing an old favourite character in the game is obviously linked to how many Final Fantasy games the player has enjoyed over the years, which translates to fan service. So what about the newcomers? Those who have never played a Final Fantasy game before in their life? Well, for them there is some very good and surprisingly easy to understand gameplay with great characters in a deep, fantasy world.

The regular JRPG rhythm is present, with players exploring the lands while talking to NPCs, picking up little side quests, and even exploring some dungeons. But what makes World of Final Fantasy different is the addition of Mirages and Stacks.

As already explained, Mirages are Pokemon-like creatures that the player will be able to find and collect through their journey. These monsters, once caught, can become part of the players team in a unique way, but first the player has to catch them. There are loads to find throughout the game, and players really are encouraged to catch ’em all. But to do that, they must battle them and meet certain conditions. To begin with, this condition could be as simple as damaging the monster in battle, but they quite quickly get far more devious, forcing the player to actually work for their captures.

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Once captured, the Mirage can become part of the players team. But here again, things are a little different. Mirages have different abilities that they can bring to the team, and working out which abilities that the team needs will take up time. However, perhaps of more importance, is the Mirages size. Thing is, the player will have to stack the Mirages in their team, along with the two main characters Lann and Reynn. A stack can consist of up to three units, either Mirage or main character, and are stacked as large on the bottom, medium in the middle and small on top. Fortunately, Lann and Reynn can be in both chibi or normal form, taking with the medium or large slot, leaving two other slots for Mirages. Trust me, it makes sense.

When it comes to battle, each stack is treated as a single character, with health and abilities made up of all the component parts. This gives players plenty of incentive to create the best teams from the available Mirages, especially as the monsters will also often come as stacks, and there are some pretty tricky difficulty spikes in what is mostly a fairly easy game. It is also worth remembering that, as you have little monsters and heroes all stacked on top of each other in a tower, stacks can be toppled and stunned.

World of Final Fantasy is as much of a blast to play on Switch as it was two years ago on PS4. Add to this the ability to play it on the go, and with a decent sized screen that really shows off the games visuals, which are so nice and crisp on the Switch screen, and you have the perfect game for travelling or short, lunch break sessions.

But this is World of Final Fantasy Maxima, which surely means more stuff? Indeed it does! World of Final Fantasy Maxima brings with it the ability to bring some Final Fantasy champions into their stacks, along with all manner of additional characters, quests, mirages and mini games. Oh, and for the more confident gamer, there is a nightmare difficulty mode.

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The additional content added for this version of the game is not so much as to warrant buying the game again if already owned on another platform. That being said, it really does suit the Switch anyway and is so much fun to play, so go out and buy World of Final Fantasy Maxima on Switch.




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