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Darksiders III

Posted by GG Goblin On December - 3 - 2018

Can’t keep a good Horseman down.

With the downfall of THQ, many fans doubted they would see another Darksiders game. However, Nordic Games managed to snag the rights to Darksiders, along with some of the previous developers in the form of new development studio Gunfire Games, And now we finally get the third game in the Darksiders series. Bring on the apocalypse.

ds31 (Copy)

While the first game in the Darksiders series followed the horseman War, and the second was all about death, Darksiders III introduces the very angry Fury. The story runs alongside the previous two titles, and players versed in the ongoing story of the Four Horseman will be able to make much more sense of what is going on. Darksiders III is not a game that requires knowledge of the previous stories, but it is certainly enhanced by a familiarity with the setting and the events of Darksiders I and II.

Anyway, the hero this time around is Fury, and she is angry, which is no real surprise as the world has been totally trashed and the Charred Council have tasked her with rounding up the escaped Seven Deadly Sins. These monsters, who each take on the personality of their chosen sin, are a troublesome bunch that seem to have surrounded themselves with many, many other troublesome creatures.

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The storyline is not exactly a highlight in the game, but it doesn’t feel like it was ever intended to be. While Fury is happy to follow the orders of the Charred Council to begin with, various twists and turns will soon change her direction. The game is light on story, but that’s not too much of a concern as this is a game about fighting first and foremost.

Fury is a fairly imposing figure, armed with an awesome whip type weapon, who looks like she will take no nonsense from anyone. However, it quite quickly becomes apparent that Fury is not all that, as the enemies that she will face throughout the game really don’t need to do much to bring her assault to a halt. Darksiders III is a difficult game, one in which the player will get a great sense of achievement from overcoming a given group of enemies, but will likely have to retry over and over again to do so. Equal parts frustrating and empowering, the game demands a lot from the player, even at the regular difficulty level. To raise the stakes, death will mean falling back to the most recent checkpoint, which in some cases may be quite some way, to face once again repopulated areas.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say the game is as hardcore as the likes of Dark Souls for example. The Souls games had a certain fairness about them, while Darksiders III seems to prefer cheap tricks such as surprise attacks. There is some similarity to the combat though, and button mashers will find themselves struggling more than most here. The combat is much more thoughtful and defined, with the speed of button presses giving access to certain combos, and the dodge having to be timed correctly otherwise the player may find themselves dodging into more trouble.

ds33 (Copy)

Despite the deliberate nature of Fury’s combat, battles are often hectic and overwhelming. Fortunately, as the game progresses and the enemies get stronger, Fury is also able to improve, with increases to her health, strength and arcane power, along with the option to enhance and upgrade her weapons. Then there are the elemental powers that Fury gains access to, further mixing up the combat and giving her more of a chance.

The world through which Fury will be hunting the Seven Deadly Sins is not the most interesting, featuring a post apocalyptic Earth that just looks totally downtrodden. While it is presented as a large, open world, progress in the game is actually quite linear, with various alternate routes that cannot be opened until later in the game. In contrast to the game world, the enemies are very cool looking, especially the Seven Deadly Sins themselves who are all modelled around the idea of their sin. Fury herself stands out against the game world as a colourful and well detailed character, I just wish she was as tough as she looks.

The biggest problem for Darksiders III, aside from the difficulty which will turn many players away, is that the game doesn’t feel as well rounded as the previous two. There are no dungeons here to work through, and the puzzles, while still present, are simplistic and feel like they were just added to bulk the game out. And, I’ll be honest, Fury just isn’t as interesting as War or Death.

ds34 (Copy)

Darksiders III is a welcome return for the Darksiders series. However, it is not without problems. The combat is solid, but difficult and often frustrating, and it really doesn’t feel like there is much more to the game beyond the combat. However, it is good to see another game in the series, and players looking for a challenge will certainly find that alongside Fury. Darksiders fans will feel comfortable with Darksiders III, and the signs look good for a fourth game in the series.




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