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Clock Simulator

Posted by GG Goblin On January - 28 - 2019

Tick tock, I’m a clock.

The Nintendo Switch can be applauded for the number of AAA games that are now coming to the platform, and the extensive back catalogue of big titles that are now available. However, it should also be noted that it also has a burgeoning library of small, time waster games of the sort that would appeal to the casual market favoured by Nintendo’s hugely popular Wii console. Finding a small title to kill some time with is fairly easy now on the Switch, and even easier when that game is centred around time itself. And so we come to Kool2Play’s Clock Simulator, a game that started out life on phones and PCs, and which is far more of a challenge than you would think.

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It may have just been me, but I remember at school a clever little trick used by teachers to give themselves some respite while entertaining the class. The teacher would set a timer and then the entire class had to guess exactly when one minute had passed, and mark it by sitting down. All of this was to happen in silence by the way, so I can see the appeal. The amazing thing is how difficult it actually is to keep time without any mechanical means. Very rarely did a child hit dead on the minute mark, and the game became even harder when the goal was two minutes or five. This ability to keep time is the premise behind Clock Simulator, a game where players have to tap a button every second, on the second.

One pink elephant, two pink elephant…

So Clock Simulator is a fairly innocuous collection of mini games that all revolve around pressing a button in time with each passing second. While there are a fair number of different modes, each with their own little quirks, the gameplay remains pretty much the same each time as the player tries to press a button every second. It is the precision of that button press that dictates success or failure, and through the game that failure can be depicted in different ways. Sometimes, it may be that the hand of the clock will get smaller with each failure. Other times may just be the ruin of a perfect minute, something which will happen over and over as trying to get a full 60 of those perfectly timed button presses is a tall order even for the most accomplished time keepers.

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A simple tutorial will allow players to practice their timing with the movement of a clock hand and coloured indicators to suggest when to press the button. For there it is a choice of some 13 different modes. Some of these little games are more involved, or more fun, than others. For example, timing a pig jumping over a rope every second is quite fun, and moving the obstacles by pressing the designated button to move along a platform is also quite cool and much more game like than, say, trying to tap out the seconds for that perfect minute, which is a recipe for frustration. Fighting aliens as they appear on the left or right of the screen by pressing A or Y is certainly a strange one, and there are even a couple of multiplayer modes available suggesting that the game might be good for a time sensitive party. For the single player modes, it tends to be a matter of beating a previous score, or time, rather than any given target.

The gameplay is simple, but quite compelling over small periods of time. When it comes to presentation, the visuals are on the basic side, but seem to match well with the gameplay. There is not a lot of fluff here – you simply pick a mode and jump in. There are no real explanations for what the player has to do in the modes, but for the most part they are easy to pick up the gist.

Despite all of the different modes, there is not really much by way of longevity in Clock Simulator. After all, it is just a matter of pressing a button every second, which is going to get old no matter what the setting. But this is what makes time waster games popular, especially on mobiles – quick satisfaction without having to think too much.

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Clock Simulator is a simple game with one simple concept. Tapping the seconds away will not keep anyone’s interest for long, but the game is reasonably priced, even though substantially more expensive on Switch than other platforms. If you pride yourself on time keeping, or just want a small game to while away the minutes, then Clock Simulator may just be worth checking out. It’s fun, but doesn’t last long.




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Coming later this year to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch.


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