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Holy Potatoes! We’re In Space?!

Posted by GG Goblin On January - 28 - 2019

Holy Potatoes! It’s more potatoes?!

Daylight Studios has a fascination with potatoes that should really be explored. With four Holy Potatoes! games already available on Steam, the developers have now ported the second game on Switch, taking potatoes from running a weapon shop to managing a spaceship. I would like to say it makes sense, but the silliness that comes with the Holy Potatoes! games is where all of the charm comes from.

hpwis1 (Copy)

Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?! is a brand new adventure for potatoes, one that takes them into space to explore and fight with other vegetables. The story, after the short tutorial section, will see sisters Cassie and Fay searching for their missing grandfather, Jiji. During this search, the sisters will come across all manner of wacky characters as they are pursued across the galaxies by the evil Eclipse.

The ship begins in a galaxy and will only have a certain number of days until Eclipse catches up with them, and so have limited time to do everything that they need to before departing for another galaxy. Each galaxy brings its own little story for the player to enjoy, with many of these stories parodying pop culture, and providing plenty of laughs along the way. These stories are short and don’t take too long to conclude for the most part, leaving the player with some free time to explore. Everything takes time in Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?!, and so the player always has to be aware of that time limit when planning. The story will need to be completed first, which will usually involve a little exploration and some cut scenes, before the player can leave the galaxy. Once done though, the player can use the rest of the days until Eclipse arrives as they see fit. This does make the game feel restrictive, as the player will only have limited days left to do what they want outside the story. It is possible to just skip to the next galaxy once the story is complete, but this will eventually leave the player underpowered for what is to come.

hpwis2 (Copy)

Managing the ship and crew will take a substantial amount of time as the player trains up their crew or builds new weapons. In each galaxy there is a central planet from which the player will be able to buy the resources needed for new weapons and the like, while also being able to sell any spare equipment and even recruit new crew members. With some researching, crafting and management of the crew, there is plenty of busywork for players to spend their limited time doing.

However, more excitement comes from exploring planets and the ship battles. Exploring a planet will often lead to a scenario which requires the player to make a decision, usually, something fairly simple that will have a risk reward mechanic, along with a battle.

hpwis3 (Copy)

The turn-based battles are great. The players ship will face off against another ship, and then each ship will take it in turns to fire their chosen weapon. Weapons can target either particular weapons on the enemy ship, or their hull. Taking out all of the weapons will leave them stranded and often result in a nice pay off, while destroying the hull will result in the utter decimation of that enemy. There is also a shield available to each player that can protect one weapon or the hull and reduce damage taken. Through progression and research, the number of different weapons that become available are quite impressive, some with fairly run of the mill effects, and some quite bizarre, adding yet more humour to the game. The tutorial/prologue at the beginning of the game does a good job of explaining everything the player needs to know in order to start battling, but may not prepare the player for the occasional, seemingly random overly difficult battle that they will face.

Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?! is an incredibly charming game. The potato characters, the pop culture references and the silly situations are all given that extra level of charm thanks to the cartoon visuals. The screen can be quite busy at times, but it is still easy to make everything important out and catch all of the comic visual cues. Even the soundtrack, which combines appropriate tracks for all aspects of the game, is very well done and fits perfectly. There is one small problem with the game, and that comes when playing on the Switch in handheld mode. The writing on the screen is too small for anyone to read unless they use binoculars. On the TV it is great, but it really is too small in handheld mode, making the game far more difficult to play.

hpwis4 (Copy)

Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?! combines solid management with great turn-based battles. It feels like an evolution of the first game which involved just running a weapon shop. There are similarities beyond just the vegetable humour and cute presentation, but We’re in Space?! is the superior title. As long as the game is played on the large screen, there is very little not to like. Management, turn-based battles and potatoes – if this sounds like fun, then Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?! would be a good choice for your Switch.




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