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Posted by GG Goblin On January - 28 - 2019

Another time waster game from Kool2Play on Switch.

Having recently spent some time simulating a clock in Clock Simulator on Switch, developer Kool2Play now want me to hug people. I am not a hugger. Still, in the name of video game goodness, I better get hugging.

ihu1 (Copy)

IHUGU on Switch is another one of those games that players can pick up and spend a few minutes wasting time with. Originally a mobile game, IHUGU is a casual memory game with a very simple concept. The idea is that players will spend the day hugging people. However, hugging people twice in one day is not allowed, possibly for harassment reasons, and so the player will be charged with trying to remember who out of the massive cast of characters, they have or haven’t already hugged.

The mechanics are dead simple in that the player will just tap the stick right to hug someone, or left to not hug them. Touchscreen is also supported, so swiping left like on your favourite dating app is also possible. Additionally, due to the simple controls, the game is multiplayer friendly with each player able to use a single Joy-Con, and for that reason the developers have included a multiplayer mode, but more on that in a moment.

So, the concept is just that, hug everyone once, but no-one twice. Missing an unhugged person, or double hugging will result in a game over. The purpose of all this hugging? Well, it’s to collect clovers, of course. These clovers are the currency of the game and players will be able to spend them in the slot machine for various rewards, including unlocking some new characters to play as. At the end of the day, there are a couple of mini games, such as one where you collect clovers, or another where you try to push an opponent off the screen, for clovers. Then, it is back to the hugging.

ihu2 (Copy)

The multiplayer action is more of the same, with the players simultaneously trying to hug or not hug, and goes on until someone makes a mistake. Much like the rest of the game, there is not much to it.

There is a huge cast of characters in the game, some real and some made up, with some rare characters requiring a real investment in time to finally unlock. There is also the chance to create your own character, using different parts of the already available characters in a mix and match way, which is good for a giggle.

Visually, the game has a retro pixelated style that is quite nicely done. The characters based on famous people or pop culture references are easy to identify and look cool. The backdrops are simple and limited, but don’t really harm the game in any way. The soundtrack is equally simple and, with the looped play, gets quite annoying after a while, but can be muted if necessary.

But that is about it, all the game has to offer. The game is a great match for the mobile market, and I could see myself just dropping in for some hugs while waiting for a bus or whatever. The problem with this type of game on Switch, and this applies to Clock Simulator too, is that I can’t see myself whipping the Switch out for 10 minutes at the bus stop. If I have time to break out the Switch, I would play something more substantial. However, for the casual, or even young market, I can see this type of little, non-violent game being quite appealing, partly due to the low price point and partly due to being able to drop in and out quickly.

ihu3 (Copy)

IHUGU is a mobile game on Switch. I think that is the best way to describe it. It can be fun and silly, but will realistically only entertain for the shortest time. More casual gamers, or younger gamers, will get more time from it, chasing high scores or rare character unlocks, and the simple mechanics mean it is great for non-gamers. Another simple game from Kool2Play, IHUGU is easy, colourful, short-lived fun.




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