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New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

Posted by GG Goblin On January - 11 - 2019

Another port from the Wii U, but more Mario on Switch is always good.

Personally, I thought that the Wii U was a pretty good console. However, as more and more of Nintendo’s Wii U games seem to be coming to the Switch and proving far more popular on the newer console, I’m starting to wonder just how wrong I was. From Nintendo’s point of view, it makes sense to keep re-releasing all of these games as it not only bolsters the Switch library with more first-party titles, but also it allows players who were not as enamoured with the Wii U to enjoy some really great titles that they may have missed.  The latest, and first Nintendo release of this shiny new year, is New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, the port of a game which courted its own controversy from the Mario veterans for not being “different” or “imaginative” enough. While I might question the use of Deluxe in the title, considering how little new content is added, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe is an excellent game that will both spark nostalgic feelings in the more veteran Mario players, and also provide even the newest of newcomers with a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

nsmbud1 (Copy)

New Super Mario Bros. U starts, as so many Mario games do, with Peach being kidnapped and it falling on Mario and co. to go and rescue her. Players will work their way along a multi-branching overworld map, dropping into 2D levels and running as quickly, and safely, as they can to the end in order to eventually save the Princess. I can understand where the critics are coming from as the game doesn’t stray very far from a very classic formula. But this really is a facsimile of Mario at his best, with power ups to use, secrets to find and a massive roster of enemies to get past in the pursuit of Peach.

The level designs are as polished as expected from Nintendo, although that lack of imagination means that there are only a few that really stand out as unique. They seem slightly larger and maybe even a little more complex, towards the end of the game at least, than the games that NSMBU is emulating. The introduction of the new Squirrel Suit power up, which gives Mario the ability to glide for a short while,mixes things up a little. However, the reality is that anyone who has played one of the older 2D Mario games will know almost exactly what to expect here, which is no bad thing as there is nothing more satisfying than finishing a particularly difficult Mario level.

nsmbud2 (Copy)

For the year of Luigi, which was a chance to celebrate Mario’s often ignored brother, Nintendo dropped New Super Luigi U as DLC or a stand alone offering to further the platforming fun. This time around, players were presented with slightly more difficult levels while having to adjust to Luigi’s higher jump but more difficult control. The good news is that Luigi U is included in the Deluxe version that has arrived on the Switch, meaning that players will have access to more than 150 levels in total, which is many hours of fun.

Another thing that Luigi U brought to the table was the inclusion of Nabbit as a playable character. This was designed as the easy option for the less capable players who were struggling with Luigi U’s more difficult levels, and allowed players to control a strange little rabbit creature that was unable to use power ups, but was immune to damage from enemies. The good news is that Nabbit is now playable in the full game, offering a very good option for the younger players or those completely new to the precision platformer.

nsmbud3 (Copy)

Also new for New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe is Toadette as a playable character. Again, this is an easier option for the less experienced players, but not quite as easy as Nabbit. Toadette’s big draw is that she is able to pick up and use the Super Crown, which transforms her into Peachette, a Princess Peach clone that handles just the same as the Princess, complete with double jump and floatiness. Along with the Super Guide that will see Luigi help players after they die a few times, these two playable characters ensure that players of all abilities can enjoy the Super Mario action.

There is a challenge mode available that offers some more obscure levels for the true masters to try and complete, and finally there is co-op mode that turns the game into a brilliantly fun party game for up to four players. In the original title, there was the option for a fifth player to manipulate the levels on the Wii U screen while the other players played as normal. This option, which would often see that fifth player hindering the others as much as helping by making platforms disappear and the like, has been dropped from the Deluxe version on Switch. It is not really a big deal as the co-op mode is ample chaotic fun by itself.

nsmbud4 (Copy)

So, there are a huge number of levels to enjoy, co-op fun for gatherings, and plenty of accessibility options for all of the family. What’s not to like? Well, it has to be said that the new content to validate the Deluxe in the title is somewhat sparse, but even that doesn’t prevent New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe from being an absolute blast and a worthy addition to any Switch library. Another Wii U classic that every Switch owner should pick up.




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