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Stellaris: MegaCorp

Posted by GG Goblin On January - 8 - 2019

Being the galactic corporation of your dreams.

Stellaris, Paradox Interactive’s space-faring grand strategy game, has always been something to sink hours upon hours into. For those new to grand strategy games in general, while the concept of being able to explore and even conquer the stars may be exciting, the reality of leaving your home planet and spreading out among the stars has a fairly steep learning curve. Still, at least once the player has spent some time learning the systems, it all becomes much easier. That is, as long as Paradox Interactive don’t do some kind of massive overhaul to improve the game. Again. Damn.

stelmeg1 (Copy)

So, yeah. With the launch of the new MegaCorp expansion for Stellaris, Paradox Interactive have once again released a massive patch for all players of the game that mixes things up and improves the overall experience. It does make it tricky to conquer the galaxy when the options and even the controls keep moving and changing, and this is not the first time that Stellaris has received such an update. Still, as an excuse to sink another 100+ hours into the strategy game, it’s not so bad.

Before heading into the realms of what players get for their money with the new MegaCorp expansion, there are plenty of changes to the core game that all players can enjoy since the patch. Things like the new planetary management, which replaces tiles and resources that needed populating with much more interesting districts and the ability to have entire planets specialise, and the addition of alloys that players will have to gather for various purposes, make the game much more interesting. They also make the game substantially different and so, depending on how long it is since starting the game up, there will be something new for everyone to learn before they prove their might amongst the universe.

However, It is the MegaCorp expansion for Stellaris that will set the player back £15.49, and it brings with it many more economic options for players to master.

The biggest star in the MegaCorp expansion is easily the chance to play as a new government type – the MegaCorp. For veteran players who have already sunk hours upon hours into perfecting their strategies and mastering the other government types, the chance to try something new and explore different ways to play is priceless. For the more casual player, the DLC offers a far more complex game that focuses on making loads of money. Now, don’t be scared away by the word “complex”. Playing for economic reasons doesn’t necessarily make the game more difficult, it just makes it that bit more involved as the player will have to invest far more time in micromanaging the various different aspects if they hope to keep making money.

stelmeg2 (Copy)

The MegaCorp DLC offers a nice variety of different choices for the player, such as running not just as a standard MegaCorp, but also branching off into the likes of a crime syndicate or religious cult. The variety of new civics will allow players to find their own path to riches and glory. The chance to build branch Offices on friendly planets allow the player to spread their influence yet further, while also adding to the coffers. Obviously, if playing as a crime syndicate, Branch Offices may be a little tricky to keep running of other planets, but that’s the challenge of the game. Other fun possibilities include the chance to build a Coruscant-like planet, make deals with the new Caravaneer Fleets that ply their trade across the galaxy, and even buy or sell slaves on the galactic slave market. Sure, this may be frowned upon by some factions, but the morally opposed can always buy slaves and give them their freedom. The options are fairly endless.

But they are also very singular. The MegaCorp expansion is very much focussed on the new corporation gameplay. If the player chooses not to go down the corporation route, and if no corporation faction spawns in their game, they could go through the entire game without seeing any benefit from the expansion. Usually in a large expansion, there will be plenty of new content for all types of players. The big changes for everyone mostly come from the free update. MegaCorp has a few things that may or may not be applicable to any game, but for the most part this is an expansion for those wanting to try their hand at economic expansion.

With all of this new content, both from the expansion and the free patch, Stellaris can suffer with a few performance issues in the later game. These can be frustrating, but are rarely game-breaking and will likely be fixed in time.

stelmeg3 (Copy)

The Stellaris MegaCorp expansion, along with the free patch, change the game dramatically from the game that first launched two and a half years ago. Stellaris is evolving, and hopefully will continue to do so. As for the MegaCorp expansion itself, it is difficult to say how essential of a purchase it is. On the one hand, it offers some really cool new ways to play and a new focus for players. On the other, if the player has no interest in playing economically, then it offers very little. Veteran players will embrace the new challenges, while newcomers will find plenty to keep them busy in the core game. Pick up the Stellaris MegaCorp expansion when you are ready to rule the stars through corporate might.




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