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Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame 2

Posted by GG Goblin On February - 6 - 2019

I got mud in my boots.

Supercross, along with those other sports that involve two wheels and mud, is undoubtedly a hardcore sport. It requires skill and more than a little bravery. However, when it comes to video games involving these sports, they always feel a little more of a casual experience, the sort of game to unwind with after a hard day shooting aliens or building forts. Bombing around a mud track, launching into the sky from large mounds and then landing to take an easy win is kind of relaxing. Maybe I have not played the right sort of games? Maybe racing game developers Milestone will be able to get the adrenaline running and ask me to prove my skill in their latest title, Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame 2? Maybe I will just refer to the game as Monster Supercross 2?

mes21 (Copy)

So yeah, Monster Energy, those of the carbonated drinks, sponsor the Supercross league and as such have their name attached to Milestone’s latest sequel. It’s a licensing thing that may well do the game some favours when it comes to the fans of the sport, but may well turn off other gamers (especially those who remember that Doritos game). Either way, once you actually start the game, Monster Energy have very little to do with driving around a mud track at high speed on two wheels.

So, for those new to the sport, the action in Monster Supercross 2 will involve a group of racers on motorbikes all leaving from a starting point to do laps around a course that will generally involve a whole lot of mounds to jump from and very tight corners to whip around. Milestone go a little bit further than many of the other games in this genre by giving players the option to make the game as simulator or arcade as they wish. With a selection of different options to play with, players can make the game as difficult as they choose, taking the experience from the more relaxed arcade jaunt I would expect, to something that fans of the sport can really get their teeth into. Players can either go full throttle and hang on for dear life, or worry about positioning of the rider on the bike, the perfect landing without too much time in the air, and breaking away from a pack of very competent adversaries. There is even the chance to manually operate the gears, something I have never bothered to do in a motorbike game. All of this means that Monster Supercross 2 is very welcoming to both newcomers that want a relaxing experience and the masters of the sport looking for their next challenge.

mes22 (Copy)

Of course, the decent tutorial helps with the accessibility. Before long even the most novice players will be ready to jump into a season and take their rider to the heights of success. Once again, the player is given plenty of choice when it comes to the race weekends. Players can jump straight into the race, or involve themselves in qualifying to try and get a better starting position. Playing the career, players will have to concern themselves with the likes of fame and sponsorship in order to raise the excessive amounts of cash needed for the various purchasable items. Players will have days off in between their races, and can spend that time doing promotions or signing autographs and the like, which is not the most involved part of the game, but brings in the cash. They are also able to do some more training or hop into some one off races to improve their skills. Then there is further customisation options when it comes to the mechanical side of the bike, the paint jobs, and even the rider themselves. It’s not massively deep, and it doesn’t look great at times, but it allows for a more individual experience.

The career mode is complemented by the chance to drop into individual races, set championships, and online play. This is all fairly standard and does what it says on the tin, adding further distractions for anyone enjoying the game. Finally, there is a track editor that will allow players to create their own devious circuits to share with other players. Again, it is not the most in depth editor, but there is plenty here for the creative types to play with.

When it comes to the racing, Milestone have given the players everything they need to have a good time. Races are smooth chaos and can be as complex as the player wants. The bike handling feels tight and responsive, the physics are spot on, and a rewind option is available for those struggling with the perfect landing. Visually, the tracks look great and react to the player, showering mud everywhere. The backgrounds, such as the massive stadiums, are less impressive to look at, but go a long way to building an atmosphere. The bikes and riders look better on the track than they do when promoting or whatever.

mes23 (Copy)

Milestone’s Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame 2 is a really solid supercross game that is accessible enough for all levels of fan. However, it still remains a niche game that will only initially appeal to certain gamers. With options that make the game as easy or as difficult, as simple or as complex as the player wants, anyone who has fancied racing around in the mud on two wheel and occasionally taking to the skies, should really consider picking up Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame 2.




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