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Far Cry New Dawn

Posted by GG Goblin On March - 5 - 2019

Far Cry 5, take 2.

Since the reinvention of the Far Cry series with Far Cry 3, Ubisoft really have made the most of their developers hard work with all manner of side steps. Some have turned up in the form of DLC additions, such as giving players the chance to fight aliens or venture into the Vietnam conflict, while others have been released as stand alone titles with a twist, like Primal. Either way, Ubisoft are getting their money’s worth from whatever assets the developers currently have on hand. The latest example of this is Far Cry New Dawn, a direct sequel to Far Cry 5 set in the same place, but again with a difference. For this game, Hope County, and the rest of America, has been decimated by a nuclear attack, giving the players a chance to explore a post-apocalyptic Far Cry.

fcnd1 (Copy)

Set 17 years after the events in Far Cry 5, players take on the role of a security expert working with a group of survivors that are travelling across America helping to rebuild communities. It’s all going well, and the country is starting to recover, until the group come across a gang known as the Highwaymen. Leading this villainous gang are a pair of psychopathic twins called Mickey and Lou. As New Dawn’s main bad guys, the twins are suitably over-the-top but fail to make as much impact as, say, Joseph Seed, and spend a lot more time threatening than actually getting down to business. On the subject of Joseph Seed, expect to see him in the game, although it should be noted that Far Cry New Dawn can be enjoyed without having played Far Cry 5, but Far Cry 5 players will get more from the setting.

And what a setting it is. In many ways, it seems that the dropping of nukes has had a positive effect on Hope County. Sure, it is a little less populated, but it is in no way the barren wasteland that features in many post-apocalyptic games. Nature has pretty much taken over and seems to be on its best behaviour, with some stunning pops of colour from the various flowers that have sprouted all over the place. When it comes to the settlements and abandoned buildings, they look suitably down-trodden without the usual “grim warning about the future” look. There are no real improvements visually over Far Cry 5, but that’s no problem as the game already looked good.

fcnd2 (Copy)

The story involves a main settlement and building this up into something that can fend for itself, and fight back the Highwaymen. This will generally involve upgrading the various work areas and finding specialists to run them, which will mean better gear for the player to allow them to work towards further upgrades etc. It’s a halfway decent cycle that keeps the action moving forward, and the player improving enough to take on stronger enemies. It is not the most interesting story, but it does the job.

Crafting is a big deal in New Dawn, and players will have to gather all manner of resources during their play through to both upgrade the facilities and to craft new, suitably crafty, weapons. These weapons mostly have a look about them of being bodged together with various random parts, and come in different tiers that are associated with what Ubisoft refer to as a light role-playing element, in which enemies also come in tiers that jump the difficulty quite dramatically. The result is laughable at times, with the player maybe facing off against an elite enemy with a low level weapon and simply sinking bullets into them with little or no effect. Still, it gives the player an idea of how much they have to grind their character before heading to certain areas, with the largest spike being at the very end and likely requiring the player to go away for some time before attempting.

fcnd3 (Copy)

Gathering the resources is fairly straight forward, as little caches of them can be found anywhere. The all-important Ethanol is a bit more tricky to find, but can be picked up from various missions such as supply drops where the player will have to fight through the Highwaymen to grab the goodies. Expeditions are very entertaining new mission types that will set the player down in a small, self-contained play area, ready to be explored and looted.

Outposts are a mainstay of the Far Cry games, but have been tweaked slightly in New Dawn to offer more replayability. Once an outpost has been liberated, the player can make off with the spoils as usual, or they can leave it for the Highwaymen to come back, and then liberate it again, against tougher enemies, for a larger reward. It’s a nice little system that will give players a chance to test their own skill and add more longevity to the game.

The guns for hire system makes a return, allowing the player to take additional characters along with them on their missions. They are not the brightest bunch, except for the dog of course, but a little help is better than no help at all. If you need more help, New Dawn features full co-op allowing the whole game to be played with a buddy, which really does make post-apocalyptic Hope County a less lonely place.

fcnd4 (Copy)

While some players will complain about the lack of originality in New Dawn, or the seeming cash grab by Ubisoft, anyone who enjoyed Far Cry 5, which most people did, will be happy to have more and find plenty to enjoy in New Dawn. Having a familiar, yet different, map is great, and while the main villains in the game are nowhere near as interesting as in Far Cry 5, they still provide the reason to go off and explore this interesting post-apocalyptic world. New Dawn is smaller than Far Cry 5, but it is also a bit cheaper to buy. Sure, it could have been released as an expansion, but it works perfectly well as a stand alone game. With a slightly different tone from the previous title, and being packed with interesting things to do and problems to overcome, Far Cry New Dawn is a great new entry in the Far Cry series, and a really good game on its own.




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