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Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn

Posted by GG Goblin On March - 28 - 2019

The pink puffball is a great way to say goodbye to the Nintendo 3DS.

There is no confirmation that Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn will be the last first party title to make its way onto the Nintendo 3DS, but it seems likely that Nintendo will be putting all of their eggs into the Switch basket from now on. It may feel a little sad, but at least Kirby’s effortless charm stands as a great way to see the handheld off, and Epic Yarn is one of the best outings for the pink puffball. Sure, Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn may be a port of a nine year old Wii game, but it was a great game back then and Nintendo have thrown a few extras into the Kirby pot to make it even more appealing. Besides, there is always time for more Kirby.

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Kirby’s platforming shenanigans are pretty well established, but Epic Yarn changed things up by having a material theme running through the game. This is portrayed with all of the levels and backdrops being constructed using different pieces of materials and Kirby being constructed from a single piece of yarn arranged into a Kirby shape. From a visual point of view, this took the game to a whole new level of cuteness, and that visual style is carried over to the 3DS version with an equal amount of charm. It really is a lovely game to look at, and even though the idea has been evolved in more recent Nintendo titles, it is quite unique.

This visual style isn’t just for looks though, and becomes the core component of the game. In previous titles, Kirby would suck up enemies to take on different powers. Here, in Epic Yarn, Kirby simply unravels and reforms into a different shape, such as a buggy, to take part in small, mini-game segments. The theme carries through to the environments, which can be interacted with in clever ways, such as undoing zips, pulling yarn to move whole sections of the level, and even slipping behind the material in some areas. You can tell that the developers really enjoyed coming up with all of these different ways to play on the material theme, and a lot of the fun in the game comes from discovering what the next area will have the player doing.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn is a great game, and a whole lot of fun, with inventive use of new mechanics and some hugely entertaining boss battles along the way. However, the one criticism that can be levelled at the game comes from its difficulty. Epic Yarn is not a game that players will struggle with, and even the most novice platform player will reach the end without too much trouble.

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However, this is Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn and that “Extra” means that Nintendo have thrown in some more content. Perhaps because players complained about how easy the core game was, Nintendo have thrown in some ideas to make things that little bit more difficult. Players can still play the game in its original form, but if they want more of a challenge, they could choose to have an actual health bar added to Kirby, meaning that taking constant attacks could lead to starting the level again. Then there are the little devils that will harass Kirby as the player guides the puffball through the levels. By themselves, the little devils are not too much of a problem and can be driven away for a short time. However, when trying to deal with whatever the levels throw at the player, the addition of the devils does make everything else that little bit trickier. Even with these changes, Extra Epic Yarn is still an easy game, but feels a bit more of a challenge, and thus more fun, so they are some great additions for this port.

The extras don’t stop there though. Extra Epic Yarn also brings Kirby’s usual abilities into the game, although with a yarny theme. The problem here is that the levels haven’t changed to take into account these new abilities, and thus can actually make the game even easier, if that is possible. I don’t think these abilities really bring anything worth it to the game, but they are there for players to use if they wish.

Then there are a couple of extra mini games for players to enjoy, one featuring King DeDeDe and the other with Metaknight. The one with DeDeDe involves the King auto-running while avoiding obstacles and collecting beads, while Metaknight’s game is just about fighting enemies. Both games are fun little time-wasters and a nice addition to the overall package.

The difficulty level was always going to be the major problem for Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn, but at least the developers have gone some way to fixing this. The new abilities are not that great, but don’t cause any harm either. The only other real problem with this port is the absence of the originals excellent co-op mode, one of the highlights of the game.

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Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn is a great port that presents itself really well on the handheld. The additional content is all welcome, even if not everything hits the mark. As what could be the final first party game for 3DS, Kirby’s cuteness is a great farewell. For former Wii players and newcomers alike, Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn is a great game that is worth checking out on the handheld.




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