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Dragon Slay Comfort Grip with Game Storage

Posted by GG Goblin On April - 24 - 2019

Seriously, get a grip.

The Nintendo Switch is a great console. Sitting in the dock, with the Joy-Cons slotted into a comfort grip, it works exactly like any other console. However, take the Switch out of the dock and attach the Joy-Cons and you have a magnificent handheld console that can be taken anywhere. However, there is something missing, and I didn’t realise what it was until I tried out the Dragon Slay Comfort Grip with Game Storage.

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The thing is, consoles have been around for ages now and, to be honest, there has been a similarity to controller design for almost as long. This is because controllers are now comfortable and allow for long gaming sessions without any hand discomfort. Playing the Switch while docked is all well and good as the comfort grip for the Joy-Cons gives that same level of comfort. But when the Switch is not in the dock and the player is using the Switch as a handheld, it can get uncomfortable quite quickly. It just doesn’t sit right in the hands.

Dragon Slay’s Comfort Grip with Game Storage solves that problem by simply making the entire Switch, including the attached Joy-Cons, feel like a large controller. Handles protrude from each side, fitting nicely in the hand and allowing for far more gaming before any kind of hand fatigue sets in. Honestly, it makes a big difference.

The Dragon Slay Comfort Grip with Game Storage is available on Amazon, currently priced at £17.99, and is well worth checking out by anyone who uses their Switch in handheld mode. The unit comes in a simple box and is quite easy to fit onto the Switch. There are rigid hooks on the top and larger hooks on the bottom, and the main Switch unit just slots in bottom first then top. The plastic is quite hard and I must admit I was worried about scratching the top of the Switch when adding or removing the comfort grip, but despite it needing a little effort, there were no marks left. The good news is that the tight fit means that the Switch won’t fall out, so good times.

cg2 (Copy)

The hooks hold the tablet part of the Switch in place nicely, and then the Joy-Cons can be slotted onto the Switch as they would normally be, albeit inside the grip. All of the buttons are still easily accessible, and even the stand can still be used, although the Comfort Grip will stand up by itself for tabletop play. The handle parts of the Comfort Grip are textured, although only lightly, giving some grip. I would have preferred perhaps some more texture just to make the handles even grippier, and some softer plastic would have also gone a way to make the unit even more comfortable. It has to be said that the solid shiny black plastic look is not that great and makes the unit feel far cheaper than it should. A splash of colour or a bit more texture would have gone a long way to improve the looks.

Those of you who have been paying attention will be wondering about the game storage in the Dragon Slay Comfort Grip with Game Storage. Well, the back plate has a little bit of depth to it, and along the top edge there are five slots designed especially for Switch game cartridges. In this time of digital content, I would question the need for carrying around a bunch of carts, but I guess if you are travelling and want to take more than one cart with you, then this would remove the need to carry any other type of storage. The slots do what they need to, and Dragon Slay have made a good use of what would otherwise be wasted space.

The main downside to the Comfort Grip with Game Storage is that it needs to be removed before the Switch can be placed back in the dock. For the mobile players, this may not be so much of a problem. For those who like to take advantage of the Switch’s various modes, having to keep taking the grip on and off might be frustrating, especially given that taking it on and off can be a little fussy.

cg3 (Copy)

Look, the Comfort Grip with Game Storage could be a little prettier and perhaps a touch easier to put on and remove. However, the handles substantially change how the Switch feels, making it so much more comfortable in handheld mode. It also adds some protection, which can’t be bad, and a place to store some game carts. But it really is the way the grip allows the player to keep playing for longer that makes it such an essential purchase. Switch players need to get a grip, and the Dragon Slay Comfort Grip with Game Storage is the first stop.

The Dragon Slay Comfort Grip with Game Storage is available on Amazon.




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