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Dragon Slay Universal Arcade Fightstick

Posted by GG Goblin On April - 25 - 2019

Because sometimes you just need a stick.

For most gamers, using a controller is second nature, and the current crop of official controllers are all that they will ever need for their gaming sessions. However, that doesn’t always mean that the controller is the best choice for the job, and those who are into their fighting games, or even retro arcade games, may well look to picking up arcade fightstick. These hefty, often expensive devices replicate the control method used on arcade machines and are often favoured by the more serious fighting game fans.

dsuaf1 (Copy)

When looking to try a fightstick, there are a wide selection available and the choice can often be confusing.  GGUK have had the chance to spend some time with the Dragon Slay Universal Arcade Fightstick, a quality product that should definitely be considered for those looking for an edge in fighting games. The Dragon Slay Universal Arcade Fightstick is available on Amazon, priced at £119.99. Let’s take a look in the fatality-inducing box.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but when the Dragon Slay Universal Arcade Fightstick turned up, the box was way bigger than I expected. It was also a lot heavier, and upon opening, it turned out that the weight was purely down to the actual arcade fightstick itself, and not any random packaging. The Fightstick simply oozed quality, but more on that in a moment. Inside the box, along with the fightstick, there is a small but well laid out manual. There is also an alternative faceplate, a sheet of stickers and a door hanger. It’s a nice little bundle and again is of high quality.

dsuaf2 (Copy)

The fightstick itself is just lovely. It is a large wedge shape, easily large enough for the user to rest both wrists on when using, and the main controls include a joystick and eight face buttons, covering almost all inputs that a controller could offer. Along the top edge of the fightstick, there are a selection of other controls including L3 and R3 buttons, a turbo mode switch, a key lock button to turn off certain buttons and prevent accidental pressing, and a stick mode switch which allows the user to set what the joystick is emulating, from D-Pad to left or right stick. So far as options go, the Dragon Slay Universal Arcade Fightstick has it all.

But hang on, there is no cable to be seen anywhere. In a cunning design choice, there is a hinged door on the rear side of the unit, and opening it reveals not only the cable to plug into USB, but also a screwdriver, a second USB cable and room to store spare components.

A stand out feature of the fightstick is that it is universal, meaning it will work with pretty much anything. Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC and Android are all covered. I even plugged the stick into my Mum and had her jumping around like a lunatic. No, I didn’t really. But still, for anyone who wants to use a fightstick on multiple platforms, this is a serious selling point. However, there are some obvious concessions as a result. For most of the platforms, it is simply a matter of plugging in the three metre cable and starting a fight. For Xbox One and PS4 though, the second USB cable is needed. First the stick has to be plugged into the console using the fitted cable, but then the second cable needs to be plugged into a controller and then into the back of the fightstick. This controller needs to be connected in order for the fightstick to be used. It is not perhaps the ideal situation, but it connects easily and really goes unnoticed once connected. The only other option is to buy a dedicated arcade fightstick for each platform, which just seems silly, so I am okay with the connected controller.

dsuaf3 (Copy)

It goes without saying that the Dragon Slay Universal Arcade Fightstick works perfectly. The heavy weight and rubberised feet ensure that it will not go anywhere during a fight, and the quality components really are designed to take a lot of damage, something fight game fans will appreciate. Now, let’s talk about Sanwa Denshi. For those in the know, Sanwa Denshi are among the most desirable components to find in a fightstick. For those new to fightsticks, Sanwa Denshi manufacture high quality components used in arcade machines and arcade fightsticks. By using these components in the Universal Arcade Fightstick, Dragon Slay are not only providing known quality, but also giving the more adventurous owner the option to customise and replace broken parts.

The manual goes into detail on how to customise the fightstick, from changing the faceplate to replacing buttons. This is the reason for the included screwdriver and even something as straight forward as changing the faceplate is quite an involved undertaking, requiring removal of the stick and buttons. For those who want to display their own personality while beating up other players, the chance to design new faceplates is an option. The customisation may be tricky, but it really does mean that this fightstick could last forever and look completely unique to the user.

dsuaf4 (Copy)

The Dragon Slay Universal Arcade Fightstick is not an impulse buy. Anyone looking to buy an arcade fightstick will do research and consider what they actually need. The price is high, but there are plenty higher, and with less functionality. For those who want to fight on multiple platforms, and are looking for a real quality fightstick that could presumably last a lifetime, the Dragon Slay Universal Arcade Fightstick would be worth a very close look.

The Dragon Slay Universal Arcade Fightstick is available on Amazon.




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