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Ghost Giant

Posted by GG Goblin On April - 18 - 2019

A charm packed VR title featuring a giant ghost.

It seems like the PlayStation VR market has suddenly burst into life, with a nice selection of different VR titles being released or on the way soon. While games for Sony’s VR headset have been coming through in a slow trickle, this new bulk of games and experiences will surely increase interest in the headset and in VR in general, and of the current crop of titles, there are some really great games, not least of which is Zoink Games’ charming Ghost Giant.

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Ghost Giant is a game that really takes advantage of the unique features of VR, casting the player as a giant ghost that is able to interact with pretty much everything around them. The set up for all of this is where much of the charm comes in, with the player in their giant ghostly form meeting a young anthropomorphic cat named Louis. Louis lives with his mum on the outskirts of the town of Sancourt, and appears to be quite upset. He is also absolutely petrified to be confronted with a giant ghost, but once he realises that the player means him no harm, a lovely friendship begins to develop. As to why Louis is so upset, something which he goes to great lengths to hide at times, well, that is something for the player to discover as they make their way through this short but meaningful adventure.

So, the player will then find themselves helping Louis out in various ways, while also exploring their environments. Each of the different levels present themselves as dioramas of sorts, often with life carrying on oblivious to the existence of the ghost giant. This is because only Louis can see the giant ghost, which can lead to some interesting interactions with the other creatures that live in Sancourt. While the player cannot actively move around the levels, they are able to take advantage of all other movement options that VR allows, such as leaning in for a closer look or turning around.

Ghost Giant requires Move controllers and cannot be played without them, which could present a problem given the current shortage of new Move controllers here in the UK. Still, with a pair of these controllers, the player is able to point at things and pick things up, and things the player can interact with are marked so the player knows what their choices are. What begins with simple grunt work to teach the player how to play the game will soon become more tricky as thing get more puzzling. There is nothing too punishing here, and with a play time of around four to five hours, Ghost Giant can be finished in one sitting, albeit with breaks.

gg2 (Copy)

While there are plentiful collectibles for the player to find as they explore the levels, with the likes of pin-wheels that can actually be blown upon by the player to make them spin, they alone will not be enough to encourage players to come back for a second play through, which may leave some questioning the high price for such a short game. However, it is the charm and character in the game that will make players want to spend more time in Sancroft.

Ghost Giant really does present itself as the ideal VR game. For starters, the lack of movement in the game does away with much of the motion sickness that players can feel in VR games. But it really is that sense of discovery and being able to interact and explore this magical world to such a high degree. The whole doll house feel of being able to peer into the lives of these anthropomorphic creatures, by looking through building windows to get a snapshot of life in Sancroft, to actually turning houses or even taking the roofs of to get a better look. Sancroft really feels as though it is a living town and the player really is some kind of invisible force able to watch over the inhabitants and even help out if they wish. It is quite magical.

And a lot of the magic comes from the gorgeous visuals. Everything is bright and colourful, and there is almost a crafted feel to the settings. There is a slight underlying darkness to the story, but it is so well written and Louis is so loveable that the tale comes across as heartfelt and touching. Players may come across a few problems with the headset, requiring recalibration to get everything working properly again, but this is more down to the hardware I think and should be no really surprise to anyone who plays a lot of PSVR.

gg3 (Copy)

PlayStation VR owners, especially those with Move controllers, look set to be spoilt this year, and Ghost Giant is one of the games that should not be missed. It is short, and a bit pricey, but this is the sort of game that you want to show friends that have maybe never seen VR before, showing just how magical VR games can be. Beautiful, well written and supremely engaging, Ghost Giant is one of the best PSVR titles around at the moment and needs to be picked up now by all PSVR owners.




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