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God’s Trigger

Posted by GG Goblin On April - 24 - 2019

An angel named Harry and a demon named Judy team up for this top-down, gore-drenched action game. Hang on, the demon is called Judy?

Developed by One More Level and published by the ever-surprising Techland, God’s Trigger takes a Hotline Miami style view of the impending apocalypse and tasks the player, either alone or with a buddy, to prevent it by way of an angel called Harry and a demon called Judy. While I could possibly go on about how Judy is the most undemonic name I could think of, the concept of a demon and angel teaming up is not exactly a new one, and neither is the huge amount of blood that will come with their quest.

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The game has a firm tongue-in-cheek attitude, as man be obvious by the names of our heroes, and this carries though all parts of the game, including the pulpy story. There is an undeniable coolness to the idea of an angel and demon teaming up to prevent the apocalypse, but throw in the four horsemen of the apocalypse and things really start getting out of control. This is no high-brow tale here, but for pure entertainment, it really couldn’t be any better.

Let’s face it, no-one is here for the story anyway. It is the promise of blood-soaked action that brings the player sin. This action is presented with top-down levels through which the player has to navigate, and they are packed full of all sorts of bad guys, from angels and demons to monsters and just plain humans. The action is fast and frantic as players utilise the different skill sets of the two characters to reach the end. It is also quite difficult, thanks to the games one hit and you are out policy. However, the God’s Trigger is generous with its checkpoints, and death simply means an impressively quick reload at the last. Be ready to die a lot, but also be prepared to learn from your mistakes.

With two heroes, local co-op would seem an obvious inclusion, and it is here and works really well, with each player taking one of the characters. The benefit is that two homicidal maniacs are better than one, and players will have the chance to resuscitate their companion should they go down, rather than an instant zip back to the checkpoint. However, the game is equally as easy to play as a single player, with a quick button press changing between the two characters. While it is not too difficult to play through the entire game using just one of the characters, there are certain skills that will be required that will necessitate changing. Also, as the player progresses, they will earn experience for the character being used, which means only using one character will result in the other one being very underpowered. Still, the option is there.

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So, each character has their own melee attack. Harry has a sweeping attack with his sword, while Judy’s chain attack is more direct. They also each have a special move that will allow them to move through different barriers, again necessitating switching between the two. Then there are the variety of skills that the player can unlock as they progress, again different for each character, including things like being able to turn invisible for a while, to forcing an enemy to turn on their friends. The skill sets are great and allow for a wide range of approaches in most levels, from rapid slaughter with pin point accuracy, to full on stealth. The wide variety of weapons that can be picked up also add yet more variety to the action.

The levels get more difficult as the player progresses, and finishing a level will reward the player with a grade, which will be enough reason to go back for more for most players. There are also collectibles to be found through the levels, and the thrill of finishing a level without 15 deaths is not to be underestimated. The difficulty could be frustrating, but with the quick resurrection and ability to learn layouts, it feels like just another part of the game. It’s never cheap, and always gives the player something to learn.

Aside from the main campaign, which can take up to ten hours, there is also an arcade mode which offers more randomness for the high score chasers. The best thing about the arcade mode is that experience is carried across the different modes, so it becomes a great training ground for any character who may be lagging behind.

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God’s Trigger is a brilliant top-down action game that is as much fun as it is brutally hard. That is no mean feat to pull off. The pace is frantic and while progression may be slow, reaching the next checkpoint is always a cause for celebration. For some over-the-top twitchy action at a very reasonable price, especially to be enjoyed with a friend, God’s Trigger is well worth checking out.




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