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Two Point Hospital: Pebberley Island DLC

Posted by GG Goblin On April - 2 - 2019

Move over Bigfoot, it’s time to bring better healthcare to the jungle.

When it comes to providing the perfect healthcare, surely the discovery of the Fountain of Youth would be a game changer. That is the hope at least of explorer Wiggy Silverbottom, the driving force behind Two Point Studios’ latest DLC for Two Point Hospital, Pebberley Island. Expect more silly puns, crazy situations and madcap administrating in this new DLC bundle, and maybe discover eternal youth.

tphpi1 (Copy)

This latest DLC for the comedic hospital management sim will take players to the tropical Pebberley Island, the location of the Fountain of Youth according to the slightly crazy explorer Wiggy Silverbottom. While the discovery of this miraculous cure for everything would surely make hospitals obsolete, it would be a shame to not at least get set up on the island, and so three new hospitals await the player, each with their own little theme to challenge the management skills.

Players are eased gently into the fun of Pebberley Island with the first hospital, Pebberley Reef. This pleasant coastal hospital will challenge the player to hone their managerial skills as the hospital itself is in a bit of a state, and it seems that the janitorial staff are all made up of random people, so a whole lot of training will be needed. Of course, the player will also be introduced to some of the DLC’s new illnesses in this first hospital, and they will have to deal with the strange and chaotic weather on the island, with everything from lightning storms to frog-filled downpours challenging the player.

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However, the first hospital pretty much follows the formula that Two Point players will be used to. The other two hospitals take a different route. Overgrowth, the second hospital, kind of gives the game away with the title. This hospital is built out in the open, and is very much overgrown with jungle. Of course, the jungle is sympathetic to quality healthcare and will retract as the player achieves certain goals, opening up more room to build. The final hospital is where the real challenge will come in, as Topless Mountain will throw patients at the player in waves, not letting the player know what is coming next and giving very little chance to prepare. Be prepared to lose control very quickly.

Making the various hospitals so much fun are the wide range of more than 30 new illnesses that will require treatment. While many of these new illnesses are worth a simple chuckle at the name, there are some that are far more involved and will require special treatments, such as Wanderlust that leaves the patient desperate for adventure. Treating this ailment will require a room that is laid out like an Indiana Jones set. There is plenty to discover here, including patients that have become parrots or that have lost their faces, and the usual Two Point humour from the main game carries through, raising a smile at every turn.

Aside from the three new hospital situations and the new illnesses, those who buy the Pebberley Island DLC can also enjoy a whole host of new decorative items, all with a tropical island theme. The first hospital doesn’t really do anything different from the main game, but the other two hospitals throw their own twists into the gameplay, and more content is always a good thing for those who enjoy the game. It would have been nice to have some substantial changes to the gameplay with the DLC, but the reality is that Pebberley Island is a great DLC bundle that expands on the main game and adds many more hours of fun.

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It’s not that difficult to judge the value of DLC. If it adds more time and fun to an already good game, then surely it is worth picking up. With three new hospitals, loads of new illnesses and some new items, the Pebberley Island DLC for Two Point Hospital certainly ticks those boxes. It may be more of the same, but for those enjoying their time with Two Point Hospital and looking for more, the Pebberley Island DLC is an easy recommendation.




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Coming later this year to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch.


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