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Yoshi’s Crafted World

Posted by GG Goblin On April - 1 - 2019

Break out the glitter glue.

From one iconic Nintendo character to the next. You really have to admire Nintendo, when they have an idea, they really run with it. Someone at Nintendo must have a real passion for arts and crafts, and not only wants players to discover strange worlds made out of yarn, wool and other crafty items, but also wants parents to sit down with their kids and make stuff out of cardboard. Stepping back into the video game world, the latest craft fair that Nintendo want players to enjoy is Yoshi’s Crafted World, where the little green dinosaur that has long been a companion of Mario will carefully make his way through a world that seems to have been created in an episode of Blue Peter, except it looks really good. Let’s get crafty.

ycw1 (Copy)

Nintendo fans will already be comfortable with Yoshi’s abilities. The tried and tested formula of comfortable platforming from left to right will feel right at home to most. Yoshi doesn’t move particularly fast, but has the best jump as he is able to waggle his little feet to hover and move a little bit further with each bound. He also has a long tongue that the player can extend to grab and eat enemies, turning them into eggs that follow Yoshi around and can be used as projectiles. All of this is fairly run of the mill for a Yoshi game, and players will not really find any surprises in the Crafted World.

While not as simple as the most recent Kirby titles, Yoshi’s Crafted World will not present too many problems for the average player. This is a game that is built around being playable for any level of gamer, and it achieves this with style. The levels are quite simple and can be rushed through if the player chooses. There are collectibles to pick up along the way, some hidden with devilish flair that will have the player throwing eggs into the foreground and background to uncover. There is not too much emphasis on the collecting through, and unlocking new areas will only require a small number of flower collectibles that most players will pick up as part of their normal play through.

Going back to a previous level, maybe to look for missed collectibles or perhaps to find that one more flower needed to unlock the next area, players will have the chance to attempt the level on the “flip side”. This is a new idea that Nintendo have had where you rush through a level that has been flipped around, with a time limit, collecting Poochy dogs. It’s a nice idea and looks absolutely great, almost like seeing behind the scenes, but it changes the dynamic of the game, and feels just like the gimmick that it is.

ycw2 (Copy)

The gameplay may be familiar, but it has some nice ideas and stand out moments that will stay with players long after the game is done. However, the real appeal of Yoshi’s Crafted World is to take advantage of the Switch’s built in multiplayer set up and play the game in co-op. The accessibility of the game, including an easy mode, make it just about perfect for bringing together young and old, or seasoned gamer and novice, for some highly enjoyable, family-friendly, non-threatening fun.

The crafted theme has been running for a while now, but Yoshi’s Crafted World takes that theme to a whole new level, with an entire world that feels as though it has been knocked together at an early morning playschool session. You can see pieces of felt and random bits of cardboard that have been used to make buildings or pathways, and then boxes, cans and all the other staple crafting items have been brought into the world. Nowhere is this more apparent than when the level is flipped and the player can see the undecorated side, which is a brilliant trick.

Nintendo rarely release a game that has not been highly polished, and Yoshi’s Crafted World is no exception. It is incredibly good looking and plays flawlessly. There are a few sections of the game where the gameplay is really changed up for something new, but for the most part the formula is well used. This is perhaps the biggest flaw in the game, an almost safe approach that does nothing to expand the platforming genre. Realistically though, the game is so much fun to play that it doesn’t really matter.

ycw3 (Copy)

Yoshi’s Crafted World is an imaginatively put together, solid platform game that looks stunning and plays really well. It may not break any boundaries, but it can be enjoyed by almost anyone. Besides, it is cute as hell and packed with charm. Pick up Yoshi’s Crafted World, it will make you feel good.




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